How to know if your Android mobile is certified

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Table of Contents

Certified Android mobile

It was recently confirmed that two popular Google apps, Messages and Google Duo, will stop working on non-certified phones, a decision that affects users in Spain as well. This decision would affect users with mobile brands such as Huawei, although many Android users want to know if their phones are certified or not.

In addition, this question also raises the doubt about what are uncertified mobiles or uncertified mobiles. If you have an Android phone, knowing that it is certified is something that generates great peace of mind, knowing that you can continue using Google apps or services without any problem.

What is an uncertified mobile

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An uncertified Android mobile is a device that has not passed the compatibility test with Google and Android services. These types of devices do not have the guarantee that Google’s quality and security standards will be met, in fact, they do not have Play Protect to guarantee safety to users when downloading applications, for example.

When a smartphone is launched on the market, it may happen that it does not yet have the definitive certification, but that soon after it is available it obtains it. Another case is that Google has not approved said manufacturer, but let the phone launch anyway, because the manufacturer so decides. This means that there are users who run the risk of having a non-certified Android mobile.

What if your mobile is not certified?

Google Play Protect

There are a number of risks to which you expose yourself if your Android mobile is not certified. One very clear is what happens now, that there are Google applications that stop working on these devices. These are the main risks or consequences of having a mobile that has not been certified:

  • The devices do not have Play Protect, so they run the risk of installing malicious apps.
  • Google apps on non-certified devices are not licensed and may stop working in the future.
  • Data on non-certified devices is not stored securely.
  • Apps and features on devices without the Play Protect certificate do not work properly.
  • Devices that are not certified may not be safe.

Rooting also means the loss of the device’s certification, although undoing this process would mean recovering said certification again in it, for example.

How to know if your Android mobile is certified

Certified Android mobile

Knowing if our Android phone is certified or not It is a simple process, since it is something that we can check on the phone itself, in order to clear up doubts at all times. If your mobile is not certified, you may find yourself in the future with situations such as that certain applications will no longer work on the device, as has happened now with Google’s. The steps to check this are:

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. Click on the icon with the three stripes to display the side menu.
  3. Go into the settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Information section.
  5. Look at the last section «Google Play Certificate».
  6. There it will tell you if your mobile is certified or not.

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