How to know if your Android is compatible with the HDR of Netflix

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For starters … What is HDR? HDR is the acronym of the English High Dynamic Range (“High Dynamic Range” in Spanish) and is a technology that It allows to expose similarity in a highly contrasted image with two different lighting situations. This is the theory applied in cameras, but the result it offers in the final content is most impressive.


HDR is a very interesting technology, it allows us to make the image look much better and have more impact, since blacks are blacker and whites are brighter, and colors are brighter and more vibrant, Besides being extremely useful to be able to visualize the content better, especially in places with a lot of light.

The HDR10 It’s the standard HDR type, and it’s the one used by Netflix and most 4K TVs or mobile phones. So it is what we will see when viewing content.

Netflix HDR

How to know if my phone is available with HDR

First of all, your phone has to have an HDR screen, but having it does not ensure that it will be accepted by Netflix.

To check it is as simple as going to the Netflix official page, in the help section and go to the “How to use Netflix on your Android mobile or tablet” section, there you can open the drop-down that has the name “Netflix in HDR” and you will see a list of all the phones that Netflix supports with HDR.

This list is being updated, and there are more and more phones that allow this functionality, so if you have to buy a new phone or a family member or friend has to do it, you can always check it at that link, where you can also check phones that support viewing of HD content.

Today, new phones from Samsung, Huawei, Google and OnePlus have been on the list of supported by HDR, so it may be that your high-end or upper-middle-end phone, if it does not support it now, will do so in the future.

What do you think of this technology? Are you one of the lucky ones that you can play it on your phone?