How to know if my Android mobile has NFC

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Table of Contents

NFC is a wireless communication technology between devices. Its name comes from the acronym for Near-field communication, or what is the same, near field communication. Although they have become popular in recent years, NFC circuits have been in use for more than three decades. In fact, some of the first terminals to include this communication technology worked thanks to Symbian or Windows Mobile.

Nowadays, NFC is used mainly for mobile payments. Being a short-range communication system, it is necessary to bring the phone or smart watch closer to the dataphone, increasing security during transactions. Additionally, this type of communication is used to transfer files, identify users or synchronize various devices.

You may be wondering if your Android device has NFC. Read on to discover all the possible ways to check.

How to check if your mobile has NFC without applications

If you do not want to install any external application, we recommend that you follow these steps to find out if your device has an NFC connection. Android includes a quick setting that turns NFC on and off. If this setting is present, it means that you do have this type of connectivity. To check, open the notification curtain and search NFC between the shortcuts on the settings panel.

NFC in quick settingsNFC in quick settings

You can also use the device settings for this task. After accessing them, tap on the section Connected devices.

Connected devicesConnected devices

Look for the option NFC. If it doesn’t appear, your phone doesn’t have NFC. If it’s disabled, turn it on using the slider.

Activate NFC from Android settingsActivate NFC from Android settings

By doing this, you will quickly check if you have NFC on your device. However, it is possible to use third-party applications for a more thorough verification.

How to know if your phone has NFC with applications

NFC Enabled? is an extremely simple application that lets you know if you have NFC on your device. All you have to do is use the link you have in this article to download it safely using Malavida’s servers.

Once installed, open it. Two messages may appear on the screen. The text NFC is: unsupported in red it indicates that your device does not have NFC, as in our case.

NFC Enabled MessageNFC Enabled Message

If a green message appears with the text NFC is: supported, then you have NFC on your device. In that case, you can use the native Android options, mentioned at the beginning of the article, to activate the NFC connection.

How to tell if a device has NFC with DeviceSpecifications

Another way to find out this information is by going to a specialized website. DeviceSpecifications can help you. Access it using the browser and type the name of your device.

Find a model on a specialized websiteFind a model on a specialized website

Once you are in the file, locate the section Connectivity.

NFC in specificationsNFC in specifications

In it, you can check if you have NFC or not.

How to know if your mobile has NFC with the manufacturer’s manual

The manufacturer’s manual can help you determine whether or not your mobile device supports NFC connectivity. Where can you find it?

  • In the device box. The paper version of the manufacturer’s manual is included in the box with the phone itself. Generally, this includes a specification sheet that can help you discover what connections are available in your terminal and, if among them, NFC is included.
  • On the manufacturer’s website. If you do not have the original box or the manual in its paper version, you can go to the manufacturer’s website. The full specifications of each device are usually displayed there.