How to know if I have pending fines from my mobile

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Nobody likes to be fined. However, sooner or later, all drivers end up committing some infraction that results in a sanction by the competent administration. In Spain, there are several bodies that have the necessary powers to issue traffic tickets. In most of the autonomous communities it is the General Directorate of Traffic that is in charge of processing sanctions. However, you should know that Catalonia and the Basque Country have transferred competences in matters of traffic. Even municipalities and councils can fine for speeding and improper parking. How to check if you have pending fines no matter where you live? Is there a unified method for all administrations? In this article you will find the answer to your questions.

Logging into the official DGT application

The easiest method to check pending fines regardless of the administration that imposed them is to use the DGT application, which you can download for free from the Malavida servers. In it you will see the data of the Edictal Board of Sanctions where most of the administrations publish the pending fines.

When you have it installed, open it and select your favorite language.

Choose the languageChoose the language

Take a look at the app’s features and tap on Continue.

Application featuresApplication features

Accept the terms and conditions.

Accept terms and conditionsAccept terms and conditions

So, choose the method you prefer to log in.

Log in to the DGT app with Cl @ ve

The first way to log in is through Cl @ ve, an identification system provided by the State Government. You should know that to function correctly it requires you to register from its official website. When you have already provided the necessary data in Cl @ ve, press the corresponding button in the DGT application.

Systems to log in copySystems to log in copy

Use an electronic certificate or the permanent Cl @ ve system if you have one. In our case we have used the 24H PIN access.

Key systemKey system

Enter the requested information and use the button below to continue.

Enter personal dataEnter personal data

In a few seconds you will receive a text message that includes a code. Write it in the lower field. Press on To access to load enter your profile and see your card.

Enter PIN keyEnter PIN key

Login with personal data

If you do not want to register in Cl @ ve, you have the option Personal information.

Login to personal dataLogin to personal data

As you can see, the amount of information you must provide is greater. When you’re done, press the bottom button to continue.

Introduce dataIntroduce data

Keep in mind that this method is only valid if you have registered your phone in the DGT database.

Login with DNI 3.0

The last alternative to enter the DGT app is with the DNI 3.0. In the event that you have this version of the identification document and your device has an NFC chip, this is a very easy way to access it. You just have to click on DNIe 3.0.

Login with DNI 3.0Login with DNI 3.0

Then, the application will ask you to bring your ID to the phone. As a consequence, it will read your personal data and give you access to the information related to your driving license.

How to consult the fines with the application of the DGT

Now that you have logged in with your data, it is time to check the pending fines. Open the main menu to get started.

Open the main menu of the DGT appOpen the main menu of the DGT app

Press on My fines.

See all finesSee all fines

In section Slopes, see all the penalties that you have not paid yet. If you receive the message that you see in the following screenshot, it means that you have not been fined.

No pending finesNo pending fines

On the other hand, in the section Paid you will find a history of fines you have paid.

Consult fines from the DGT electronic office

If for any reason you cannot access the DGT application, you have an alternative for which you will only need the browser. Access it and then enter the following URL:

Discover the main menu by clicking on the icon of the three lines that you will see in the upper left corner. Then, click on Consultation of the Edictal Board of Sanctions.

See bulletin board of sanctionsSee bulletin board of sanctions

Tap on No certificate.

Access the board without a certificateAccess the board without a certificate

Enter your ID in the upper search field and click on the magnifying glass icon.

Search for sanctions on the boardSearch for sanctions on the board

If there are no results, you will receive a message indicating it. That means there is no fine in your name.

Finally, remember that there is a possibility that a sanction has been issued taking your vehicle’s license plate as a reference. This happens in cases where the driver cannot be identified. You can enter this information in the search engine to locate fines assigned to your car or motorcycle.