How to invite people to a WhatsApp group with a link

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Millions of people in Spain are currently in a WhatsApp group. The messaging application has introduced many functions for these groups over time, such as being able to silence a group forever. When you create a group in the app, there are always people you want to invite to be part of it.

Normally, we ask that person if they want to be part of the group or to be added directly, but WhatsApp gives us more options. It is also possible send a link so that the people we want join the group by making use of this link.

Send a link to invite a group on WhatsApp

WhatsApp send group link

This option of submitting a link can be especially convenient when you want to add a large number of people to a group. By sending that link people will join, so you will not have to be adding each of those contacts on WhatsApp to this group. The application allows you to send a link only in those groups that you have created, that is, if you are the creator or administrator of a group, you can invite others with a link. It is not possible in groups in which you are one more participant.

The option to invite others through a link has been present in the application for some time, so you should not have problems using it. The steps to invite people with a link are as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Go to that group’s conversation.
  3. Tap on the group’s name.
  4. Swipe.
  5. Click on the option Group invitation link.
  6. A link will be created.
  7. Copy that link or share it with other people in the app.
  8. Wait for them to join your group.

By having this link you will only have to send it to those people you want to be part of the group. WhatsApp allows you to share this link in chats within the application itself, but it is also possible to send it by email, for example. You can choose the desired method in each case, so that the link reaches that person.

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