How to install the 'Superwallpapers' animated MIUI 12 in any Android

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How to install the 'Superwallpapers' animated MIUI 12 in any Android

MIUI 12 it’s official. The new version of the personalization layer of Xiaomi comes with important changes at the design level and, among them, some funds screen quite eye-catching. The main limitation of them is that the ‘superwallpapers’ (the animated backgrounds with the effect that so much anger is causing) do not work on devices with MIUI 11much less if the device has another layer of customization.

Linuxct, engineer and contributor at XDA Developers, has shared exclusively for Xataka Android a modification of these ‘Superwallpapers’ for to make them work in any Android mobile. We will tell you therefore how you can download them, install them and use them on your smartphone.

The funds screen more spectacular, also on your Android

Install Superwallpaper

The Superwallpapers of MIUI have something more than technical complexity an animated wallpaper any, as contain transitions both on screen unlock, like to unlock the device, working so differently to the good part of the Live wallpaper common.

In the first place, we must download the APK files modified by Linuxct. Here we must bear in mind that we’re going to download a file in format .zip with both APK files (there are two live wallpapers), so that we must have in hand a file explorer unzip them and access them.

Unzipped the folder, we have to install two APK files which contain the animated wallpapers

Once you have downloaded the .zip and unzipped the files, let’s move on to install the APK files. Be sure you have enabled installations from unknown sources”, since it is a download from outside the Play Store. When you have installed, you will see that we can not open them because, despite being APK files, are installed as animated wallpapers, not applications, to use.

Animated backgrounds You find the live wallpapers in your phone, where you have installed these two.

For them there will be slight variations according to the ROM you are using. Simply we must turn to the funds section of the screenselect live wallpapers and apply it from here. Ready.

The animated wallpapers of MIUI 12 will already be functioning on your Android with the spectacular animation for both when you turn on the screen like when you unlock the device. The only limitations are that these funds do not work in the display environment (Always On Display) and that it is necessary to have at least Android 8.0.

Via | Linuxct

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How to install the ‘Superwallpapers’ animated MIUI 12 in any Android

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How to install the 'Superwallpapers' animated MIUI 12 in any Android 1

How to install the 'Superwallpapers' animated MIUI 12 in any Android 2