How to install the Huawei store on any Android

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Table of Contents

After a period of ups and downs, the Chinese company has managed to launch its own store to download apps and games to terminals with the petal symbol. A store that, with more room for improvement, can be at the level of Google Play and Apple Store. What we are going to do is get the store for our device, whatever the manufacturer.

Everything is easier with an APK to install AppGallery

In Android we have the immense advantage that everything that a priori is not supported natively for the system, can be solved with a simple APK file. This case was not going to be less, and it is that Huawei has not put many impediments to install its store in any terminal. This is made possible by Huawei’s services, called HMS, make up a framework It works without the need for a specific system layer.

The option to install the AppGallery on any device can be verified on any device, up to a OnePlus 7T, as well as on Google Pixel or Samsung models. The process to obtain the APK and install the store is quite simple, although we will go step by step.

  1. Download the APK file from the Huawei website. Next, install the application and grant the necessary permissions.
  2. The store will tell you that you have to update it. Access to grant the permissions to AppGallery to install APKs, it is imperative to download your applications and make them work.
  3. Once you update AppGallery, it will tell you to install the HMS Core, necessary for the store to work. It will send you to Google Play, although that message may not appear, so you can download the application at through this link, just in case.
  4. When you install the HMS Core you will have to update them, they will surely give you an error and forced closure. Updating to the latest version fixes it: go to the icon at the bottom right labeled ‘Me’, check the pending updates and download and install HMS Core.
  5. Once you have the AppGallery and the updated HMS Core, everything will be ready for you to download and install all the apps that the Huawei store has.

update appgallery

The installation and update process of all the modules dependent on the AppGallery is guided and automatic. Therefore, just by installing the APK we can now download all the apps that are available in the store, including those created by Huawei such as Petal Maps. Also, unlike the rest of stores, No registration required and create an account, although it is good for the store to recommend apps of our tastes.

How to install Google apps from AppGallery

And this is the negative part that comes from installing the App Gallery, which a priori, does not have the native apps of Google services. At least, as we say, from the beginning, since if we look at the huawei app store, we will not find the google apps nowhere. However, the Chinese manufacturer uses a trick from Google itself to facilitate access to its services on mobiles that do not have GMS. It’s about the Quick Apps.

install appgallery download google maps

For install Google apps on Huawei mobiles, we can use the App Gallery itself. To exemplify the processing we will try to install Gmail or any other service such as Google Maps. Enter the app you are looking for in the search engine and you will see how the first result is a PWA app. After downloading it, it will ask us to install the QuickApps Center, which will make the application work as if it were in its browser version. Likewise, it will ask us if we want to dock that shortcut on the main screen. In this case, yes will ask us to log in in the store to use these types of services.