How to install PUBG Mobile Lite in mobile phones are not compatible

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Table of Contents

And is that battle royale doesn’t have to mean graphics unattainable to terminals of mid-range or low. Many of which are not able to load smoothly all the elements in their normal version, so Tencent Games has thought about it in a limited version for those devices.


Same fun in a smaller amount

The scoop on this title collects all those mobile which are not included in the minimum requirements of the standard version. In other words, you can play with less than 2 GB of RAM and an operating system version less than the required PUBG Mobile, that is to say, from the 4.0.3. All these requirements are exactly those that do not allows the standard version, requiring 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.0.

pubg mobile lite gameplay

To achieve such a reduction is specifications and preserve the essence of the game, the measures have been several, being two of the more eye-catching. In the games, we’re going to find a map smaller and less opponents, exactly, is a space of 2 x 2 kilometers and 40 players are in the game. In addition, as was evident, we have a graphic quality less and less parameters to configure this section, as the graphics are limited by default. However, we do not lose one iota of the graphic engine, Unreal Engine 4 or in terms of weaponry.

Players Unknowns Battleground Mobile Lite vs PUBG Mobile

In addition to the obvious differences of technical requirements and the spacing of the map, there are other factors to take into account when comparing one version and another. As for the map, we’re going to find just one that offers the standard version, specifically the Erangel. In addition, the distribution of the elements is different, with other locations. On the other hand, the games are much more quick, lasting only 10 minutes. Also we found a Royale Passif the Lite version can be completed in a single month.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK

And you wonder, is it necessary to download an APK? The answer to this question lies in the type of smartphone we have each one. The game is available in the Play Store, but mobile-only low-end. At the beginning it was speculated that it was available only for the Philippines, but is now all over the world.

Therefore, the possibility that remains is the support exclusive PUBG Mobile Lite with terminals that meet your requirements. If we have a mobile mid-range or high and we want to play this version, it is necessary to download an APK, which we will leave below. After installing it, we found a second problem, and that is the game don’t let us log onso we need to take it to a VPN of another country. We have chosen Power VPNas some has not worked for this method.

  1. With the game already installed, we head to “Adjustments”, to delete the data and that the game is clean.
  2. Then, we access the Power VPN and choose an area to change our location. We recommend to use the region of Brazil, which has worked correctly.
  3. We open PUBG Mobile Lite, so there should be no problem at the time of sign in.

pubg mobile lite menu

The game works correctly and with all the options available, as well as a remarkable lowering of graphics, and increased fluidity during the game.

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