How to install Facebook on Windows

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Facebook PWA

If you want to know how install Facebook on WindowsYou have come to the right place, since Mark Zuckerberg’s company has finally launched a PWA version of their social network, which implies a great number of advantages for the end users.

The PWA (Progressive Web App) are applications that once installed on our computer, already they do not need to be updated again, since all the content, including the interface, is obtained directly from the web page, in fact, they are loaded using the browser that we have installed on our computer but showing its own interface.

Until a few months ago, Facebook made an application available to all users through the Microsoft Store, an application that worked so badly that the company They took her out of the store.

In addition, the design of the application was outdated and did not allow access to the news that the company has been introducing in recent years. With the launch of the new application for Windows, users of this platform will be able to interact with this social network in the same way that they did so far through a web page but with the convenience of an application and not a browser.

Another advantage of PWA applications is that barely take up space on our hard driveas they use the browser engine to run. In the case of the Facebook application, it occupies less than 2MB.

In order to download this PWA from Facebook, we just have to visit this link, link that directs us to the Microsoft Store. In order to use this version on our computer managed by Windows 10, it is necessary that the version is 1903 or higher (this version was released throughout 2020).