How to install apps on Android Auto that Google hasn’t authorized

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Although it is still quite limited, Android Auto is already available in many models of different makes of vehicles. However, due to restrictions imposed by Google, we are unable to get the most out of it. Ideally, we could install third-party apps for a better user experience, but at the moment the Mountain View company has no intention of changing this. Meanwhile, there is a solution available for all users with an Android device.

Why are there apps that Android Auto doesn’t support?

android auto apps

Increasingly, our terminals provide us with useful tools and applications to use while we are driving, as is the case with Android Auto. This does not mean that we have the obligation to use them, because although we can use them to improve concentration and be entertained, we must be aware that we are driving. Having all five senses on the road is essential to carry out this task, so if we are more aware of the telephone, we will be putting our health and that of others at risk.

In this sense, Android Auto can become a great travel companion while driving. Its operation is very simple and safe, and thanks to the voice commands of the Google Assistant, we can use our mobile without having to touch it. Of course, this tool has a fairly limited number of applications, something that should change soon if you do not want others to pass you by.

These applications can be downloaded from the store Google play. Therefore, they are under the supervision of the Mountain View company. So why not expand the number of apps to improve the user experience on Android Auto? From the Californian company they affirm that it is basically for reasons of safety. Google does not want people to make video calls, watch videos or check social networks while driving, since as we have said, we must put all our attention on the road. For this reason, we can only use those apps that are certified by the US entity.

The truth is that we can make a rooting our phone if we want to take advantage of all the Android Auto options. In case you didn’t know, rooting is the process by which we take full control of our device. In other words, we can modify or delete all the files on it without any limitation. Through this process we can get into the root directory, so we can access any part of the operating system and modify it to our liking. Of course, you must bear in mind that failures and errors may occur in some pre-installed functions, as well as lose the device’s warranty. This is only recommended for expert users, as they are fully aware of all the risks of performing this process.

Install third-party apps with Android Auto Apps Downloader

android auto apps downloader

In any case, there is a very interesting alternative that allows us to install any application in Android Auto. Is about Android Auto Apps Dowloader. This open source program, available at GitHub, allows us to download third-party apps and install them easily and comfortably on Android Auto. Until recently the default language was English, but recently they have added Spanish, even improving the translation of some functions that were not displayed correctly. To be able to use it on our phone, it is necessary to have Android 9.0 onwards.

Basically this project consists of an application launcher developed for vehicle systems that are not available in Google play. Through it, we can install them in a very simple way, and we can even add direct access to these apps to the screen of our car. Therefore, the service will be identical to the original tool.

With it we can enjoy many more possibilities to have a better experience of using Android Auto. Best of all, we do not need a computer or other additional device to carry out this process, since we can download and install these applications directly from our phone. Another advantage of this software is that it is not necessary to update them whenever a new version is released, since it is programmed and designed to do so automatically. In addition to what we said above, it is not necessary that our device is rooted, so its access is available to all users.

As of today, AAAD only has available 10 applications to download, since as we say it is still in process. We still have to wait a bit so that we can enjoy a better service, but for now we can take advantage of all the tools it includes and use them in our vehicle. It is currently in version 1.4, and little by little it is improving the stability and solving the errors that users report.

As in everything, this system also has several cons. First of all, we find a version free and another premium. The first one only allows us to download one application per month. In addition, we must bear in mind that since it is an application that has not been definitively launched, it may present errors or failures of use. If we go to the paid version, we can enjoy the full experience and download as many applications as we want. The price of this is 3.50 euros. AAAD recently announced that it will incorporate more compatible applications while finishing its final version.

To use it, we must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is download the latest version of the APK file of the application in the following link, There you can also check the source code.
  • Next, proceed to install the APK file on your device.
  • Once you have downloaded it, opens the application.
  • On the main screen it will show you a ready with all the applications available for download. When you select one, the download will start automatically, and then you just have to install it on your phone. When you are in your vehicle, all you have to do is connect your mobile, open the application and you can use it while driving.