How to install any application on Android TV

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Installing apps on an Android TV device can be done in two different ways. On the one hand, using the official store, the Google Play Store. On the other, by downloading and executing APK files. In any case, doing it one way or another is very easy. Then we explain the process step by step.

How to install apps on Android TV from the store

If you want to install an application using the official method, go to the section Apps on the home screen of your TV.

Open application menuOpen application menu

Choose Google Play Store. You can also use the links Get more apps Y Get more games.

Open the Google Play StoreOpen the Google Play Store

Use the search engine or browse through the recommendations to find the application you want to install. When you have found it, press on it with the selection button on the remote control.

Select appSelect app

Below the description you will see the button Install. Use it to start the app download.

Install application from Google Play StoreInstall application from Google Play Store

When the process is finished, the button will appear Open. Press it to launch the application.

Open newly installed appOpen newly installed app

After taking these steps, the application will always be available in the section Apps, on the main screen. Remember that you must log in with a Google account to use the official store.

How to install applications on Android TV that are not in the Google Play Store

If the application you want to install is not available in the official store, you have at your disposal a alternative method. Access the Google Play Store and use search to find the Downloader application.

Locate DownloaderLocate Downloader

Choose Install to download and install it on your TV.

Install DownloaderInstall Downloader

When done, use Open to launch it.

Open DownloaderOpen Downloader

Grant the necessary permissions. In this case, you must allow Downloader to access the files.

Allow access to filesAllow access to files

In the text field, enter the following URL:

This is a necessary previous step to be able to use Downloader as a browser and view the application catalog of any online repository.

Download browser pluginDownload browser plugin

Choose Go, wait for the download to finish and use Install to install the necessary connector.

Confirm plugin installationConfirm plugin installation

Go back to Downloader and type the URL of any download page. It is important that you choose one that you trust. Remember that in Malavida you have a safe, fast and legal download of your favorite applications.

Access the download repositoryAccess the download repository

Enter the file of any application to start downloading.

Firefox download tab in MalavidaFirefox download tab in Malavida

On the download page, use the button Download to get the APK.

Download APK from MalavidaDownload APK from Malavida

Follow the download progress on your TV screen.

Download progressDownload progress

After obtaining the APK, Downloader will run the installer without delay. Uses Install to install the application.

Install application on Android TVInstall application on Android TV

Software that you install outside of the store also has a shortcut on the home screen. However, although this method is relatively straightforward, we cannot say for sure that all installed applications work properly. In fact, the reality is that most of them are not optimized for execution on devices with Android TV.

Send an APK from the phone to the TV

If you have the APK on your phone, you can also transfer it to your TV to install the application. The application you should use is Send files to TV. Install it from the Google Play Store.

Download Send Files to TVDownload Send Files to TV

When executing it, you will have to grant it some permissions and modify the directory where the received files will be stored.

Send Files to TV SettingsSend Files to TV Settings

Then activate the receive mode by selecting Receive.

Receive mode on TVReceive mode on TV

Go to your phone, where you must install the same application.

In it you must tap on Send.

Shipping modeShipping mode

Using the file explorer, locate and select the APK you want to send to your TV.

Select FileSelect File

The transference will be done immediately. The file will be saved in the directory you specified. To access and run it, use a file browser compatible with Android TV. In the Google Play Store you can find several, such as X-Plore File Manager or Solid Explorer. The latter is the one we have used.

APK in file explorerAPK in file explorer

Upon selecting the APK, the installation box will appear. Click on Install to install the application.

Installing the appInstalling the app

When finished, the app will be available on the main screen of your computer.