How to install Android 12 Preview on a compatible mobile

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How to install Android 12 Preview on a compatible mobile

The first preview of [Android 12]( for developers is now available to download, install and test on the first compatible mobiles: the latest Pixel. Do you have one of these phones and want to take a look at the preview to discover first-hand what is new? We explain how to do it.

It had been anticipating for days, we have been learning a lot of details leaked from Android 12. Design changes, App Pairs, greater privacy, improvements in the vibration of the games … As usually happens with Google, ‘If the river makes a noise its because water is running’. And we already have the first preview for Android 12 developers.

From Google Pixel 3 onwards

Android 12 Install

As usual, only the most modern mobiles are prepared to receive the honeys of the new system versions. That you have a Google Pixel 2 or lower? Bad luck, you run out of Android 12. In case your phone is a Pixel 3 or higher you can now fake the first test ROM with the new system.

Installing an experimental ROM like the one Google just released is risky. The first thing is that all data is erased when the bootloader is released, so you have to make sure you have a backup. Also, the system may be unstable, there will be errors and the phone may stop working. You never have to install a preview on your phone that you use every day.

What do you want to risk? Let’s see the necessary steps:

  • Go to your Pixel settings, go to ‘Phone information’ and press ten times on ‘Build number’.
  • Enter your PIN and the developer settings will be active.
  • Go to ‘System’, display the advanced settings and enter ‘Developer options‘.
  • Activate ‘USB debugging’.
  • You must have ADB running on your computer. Otherwise you can follow this tutorial.
  • Once ADB works on your computer go to this Google page: Android Flash Tool. Click on ‘Get started’.
  • Accept the ADB dialog and click on ‘Add new Device’. You will see that a dialog appears on your Pixel screen to accept USB debugging. Do it.
Android 12 Install
  • When your Pixel is connected, click on ‘Install’. Accept the conditions.
Android 12 Install
  • Confirm the process and keep the computer on and with the web page active.
  • Surely you have to do some step on the phone, like confirm bootloader unlock: use the volume buttons to move the menu and accept with the power button.
Android 12 Install
  • Always watch the instructions of the computer: do not touch the phone unless the Android Flash Tool website tells you.

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After finishing the flashing you should have the Google Pixel with the latest version of Android available, the preview 12. Remember that the process involves a lot of risk, also the use of ROM. Act at your own risk.

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How to install Android 12 Preview on a compatible mobile

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How to install Android 12 Preview on a compatible mobile 1

How to install Android 12 Preview on a compatible mobile 2