How to increase the volume above the maximum on Android

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Most Android devices include a single speaker. The maximum volume of this will depend on its characteristics, in addition to the limits imposed by the manufacturer. If you think that the power offered by the speaker of your terminal is very limited, this article interests you. We explain how to increase its volume above the maximum allowed.

How to turn up the volume on Android with Super Volume Booster

An application that will allow you to increase the volume of your device’s speaker above its limit is Super Volume Booster. If you want to download it completely free and safe, use the link that you will see on this page.

Once installed, open it and tap on Start to start.

Launch the appLaunch the app

The application has four different themes. Before continuing, click Okay and choose the aspect that you like the most. You should know that the choice of the theme does not influence the functionalities of the application. Therefore, base this decision on your personal tastes.

Choose app themeChoose app theme

In the next dialog you must tap on okay to continue. It tells you that the application needs access to the microphone to function better. However, it is not a required permission for this method to work.

Grant microphone permissionsGrant microphone permissions

It allows access to the microphone in the next box. Uses Deny if you want to deny permission.

Accept app permissionsAccept app permissions

Once you are in the main screen of the application, regulate the maximum volume with the virtual potentiometer that you will see in the upper area of ​​the screen.

Increase the volume with the potentiometerIncrease the volume with the potentiometer

Similarly, it is possible to increase the volume with the lower buttons. Each one sets it to a specific percentage.

Increase volume using percent buttonsIncrease volume using percent buttons

Finally, Super Volume Booster allows you to manage music playback from your own application. Use the lower controls for this purpose.

Control music playbackControl music playback

With these simple steps you will have increased the volume on Android above the maximum allowed.

How to turn up the volume on Android with Goodev

As an alternative, we recommend Goodev, another interesting app with similar characteristics and, most importantly, that it works.

One of its virtues is that it is a very simple application. After its installation and execution, it will appear as a persistent notification. Click on it to increase or decrease the volume at any time.

Open Goodev controllerOpen Goodev controller

Use the slider to increase the power of the speaker according to your needs.

Increase volume with GoodevIncrease volume with Goodev

When you’re done, tap Stop service to stop the application.

Stop serviceStop service

Goodev has some interesting advantages. For example, it can be accessed quickly from the notification curtain and comes with a minimalist interface. Nor does it ask for any additional permission.

Some final recommendations

As you have seen, it is very easy to increase the volume on Android above the limit with these applications. All in all, there are a few things you should know:

  • You need to keep the application open. The volume boost will only stay active while Super Volume Booster or Goodev is running.
  • Audio quality will suffer. Generally, turning the volume higher than allowed will distort the music.
  • Don’t turn up the volume with headphones on. Exposing yourself to the maximum power obtained by Super Volume Booster or Goodev for a long time has serious consequences on hearing health. Therefore, it limits its use to playing sound through the device speaker.