How to increase the vibration to the maximum in Android

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Every day we receive dozens (if not hundreds) of notifications on our mobile phones. It is usually very common to have the sound of them disabled, since it can become really annoying to hear hundreds of times the same ring that tells us that we have something new to review in our terminal. When we deactivate this sound, the vibration is usually active. This is especially useful, especially when we have the phone with us and we are in a noisy environment: we can always know that we have received something new. Now, if the intensity of the vibration is not strong enough, we may still miss notifications, so it may be a good idea increase it to the maximum. We will tell you below how to achieve it.

How to increase vibration natively

As a general rule, Android has a way to do almost any task through the operating system itself. However, neither the terminals that have Android stock, like the Android One family or the Google Pixel, offer the possibility of adjusting the vibration, just to activate or deactivate it.

If you go to the route Settings> Sound, you won’t see any allusion anywhere to setting this feature:

Sound options on AndroidSound options on Android

If you touch the volume up button, all you can do is touch the icon at the top to activate the vibration:

Quickly turn vibration on or off on AndroidQuickly turn vibration on or off on Android

Not even in most layers of personalization it is present anymore; While we were preparing this article, your search has been completely unsuccessful. It is possible that there is some left where it can still be adjusted but, and we insist, at least during our tests, it has been impossible to find it at all.

How to increase vibration with apps

A classic (and almost the most complete solution) is to download Good Vibrations (you can do it in the button that you will find below). This application allows you to customize vibrations for different actions, and set from the softest to the strongest.

When you have installed the application and granted the necessary permissions, tap on the cross icon to add a new pattern:

Button to add a new actionButton to add a new action

Then, click on the one that suits you best. In this example we are going to increase the vibration to the maximum for calls, so we will select Add call action:

Create a new call actionCreate a new call action

On the next screen, click on Pattern:

Create a vibration patternCreate a vibration pattern

A list will appear with a series of numeric values. To make the phone vibrate as hard as possible, and make the vibrations longer and more easily noticeable, select the option “4 x 800 (500)” and click on To accept to save it:

Selection of the strongest patternSelection of the strongest pattern

And it will be saved and configured to use every time they call us:

Vibration pattern configured and savedVibration pattern configured and saved

As you can see, it is a very easy process to carry out if you know how. If you follow the steps we have given you, you should have no problem.