How to host on Twitch and what advantages does it have

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Discovering quality streamers and original content on Twitch is one of the great advantages that the platform allows us to meet content creators to listen to, to see. That’s why hosting on Twitch is one of the best ways to publicize other channels, of creating content. Today we explain what it is, how it is done or what advantages it has.

Hosting on Twitch is basically “Host” the transmission live from another channel on yours. You keep your chat and you keep your channel but what is being seen is from another creator or creator of content that is online.

What is hosting on Twitch?

Hosting on Twitch is how the option of the application or streaming service is known host live broadcast from another channel on your own page. That is, you are watching another channel together and you can comment on it with the viewers, because the chat is maintained. It allows you to show a certain content to your subscribers or viewers and allows give visibility to other streamers less known but with high quality live shows. It can be to comment on it or simply in order to give visibility to others. When they enter your channel they will see the streaming of that person, making it possible for them to make themselves known. It’s kind of a form of collaboration with other colleagues who also create content.

As explained from Twitch itself: “When you start hosting another channel, your player and the panels disappear and a new player replaces them that shows the channel of the selected transmitter. A banner at the top of the channel page warn all viewers that they are viewing hosted content and a button below the video player allows them to return to your offline video screen and information area if they choose. ” This is how you get that visibility.

Twitch channel

It has a series of advantages such as the ability to see the quality of other channels or to show your followers things that you like, promote content or enjoy together events that are broadcast live, talks, presentations. But it is also interesting when it comes to not leaving “empty” your channel when you are offline and that there is always something to see that is related, that you like and recommend or from other team members.

Uses for hosting

From the Twitch tool itself, they give several recommended uses if we want to host on Twitch. What can it be useful for? For example…

  • Host conferences and comment on what is said in them
  • Host other streamers who you like to watch and want to share
  • Host esports tournaments to watch with your community
  • Host small channels to give them visibility and help
  • Host live music events and enjoy with your community
  • Host your team members
  • Cast content when you are not doing it
  • Etc

From where?

We can do it from the mobile phone or from the computer although the automatic hosting is only available from the computer configuration.

How to host

Hosting or hosting is very simple, you can do it in the chat directly.

  • Type / host followed by the name of the channel you want to host

Once we are doing it, we can make changes or transitions, leave it … To leave the accommodation, you must write / unhost in the chat of your channel and you will receive a notification to indicate that you have left it.

You can also make transitions from one channel to another. Just use the / host command for three times in a row in a thirty minute period. When the channel you host goes offline, you host a different channel.

On mobile phones

It can also be done from your mobile phone as you can see in the video below: just go to the setting button on the gear icon, go to the Twitch chat menu and tap on “Host”. You will start hosting.

Automatic hosting

What is automatic hosting? You can host channels that you have previously chosen on Twitch so that there is always content on your profile even when you are not connected. So you can support other colleagues but you are also giving subscribers or followers content When you can’t make it your own How are the channels chosen? These are channels that have been approved before or from people who belong to your Twitch team.

As explained from the platform itself, “if automatic hosting is activated, the system selects a channel to host when yours is disconnected or if it is not actively hosting another user. This option will never will interfere with your live channel or host active. It will only be activated when your channel is disconnected ”. In addition, it will take three minutes of inactivity before hosting a channel and will automatically stop working when you start broadcasting live.

How to do it

To activate it, follow these steps:

  • Open Twitch
  • Go to Channel Settings
  • Look for the “Automatic Channel Hosting” section at the bottom
  • Click the switch


You can host the channels you want by tapping on “Accommodation List” and write the names of the channels you want to add to the list. You can choose as many as you want, although what they recommend from the platform is that they be at least ten. Having ten channels assigned to the automatic hosting, you would get an average of 40 hours of broadcast per week, approximately.

If you want to host your team, tap on the switch “Host team channels” to activate it. When they are broadcasting, they will have priority to be hosted before anyone else.

Keep in mind that if you have configured the automatic hosting, you cannot manually do / unhost in the chat to deactivate it, but you must do it by following the same steps and from the channel configuration, deactivating it. You should also keep in mind that you can “jump” or manually interrupt the broadcast from one channel to the next in the list. In this case, you can do / unhost. When you do, a new channel will be chosen at random. Although if you have previously configured the priority you will not be able to jump from one to another and you will have to settle for what there is.

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