How to hide your mobile phone number

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In some cases, you would like your phone number not to appear on your correspondent’s screen. There are several methods for this. There are several methods. Some are temporary, while others are permanent. Some are selective and others one-sided. Here’s how to activate them.

How to hide call number
Credit: Pxfuel

More than twenty years ago (in 1997 precisely), a practical function appeared in fixed and mobile telephony: number presentation. This is a function that has become very common today and allows the correspondent’s number to be displayed on the screen. Of course, this means that your correspondent knows what your number is when you call them (and vice versa). With this feature, the names of your contacts are displayed when they call you.

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At the same time, to protect those who do not wish to reveal their telephone number, it is possible to hide so that it does not show even those who have your number. What then appears on the correspondent’s screen is the following indication: “hidden number”. Several methods are possible to achieve this result. Find in our columns another guide to block certain numbers, including hidden numbers.

Note that blocking a number does not work if the number is withheld and some users systematically block withheld numbers. Last note on this tool, hiding your number is impossible with certain services, such as the Fire Department or the SAMU.

How to call while hiding your number?

There are several ways to hide a number. There are those who are temporary for occasional use. Others are permanent and will block the display of your number during all your calls. In this tutorial, we’ll assume that you want to call 0123456789.

Temporarily block display with a character string

The first method, which is temporary and to be repeated for each call concerned, is to enter a character string before the number.

tutorial hide temporary number

This character string is # 31 # from a cell phone. So, you type # 31 # 0123456789 to call the number of our example. It works with all numbers (except the exceptions as mentioned above), all phones and all operators.

The character string is different on a landline phone. If you are calling from an Orange or SFR line, you must dial 3651. If you are calling from a Bouygues Telecom line, the code to hide the number is * 1651. If you have a Free landline, the character string is * 31 *.

Block display permanently with a character string

Here is the first method to block the display of your number. Like the previous one, it consists of entering a character string. This time, it must be entered on its own, without being followed by the number of a correspondent. It does not depend on your operator.

The character string to enter from a fixed line: * 31 #. To deactivate the anonymous call, you must then enter # 31 #. And to check if the service is active, type * # 31 #. Please note, there is no equivalent in mobile telephony.

Block display through the customer area

You can perform operator level blocking for a landline. In this case, you must connect to your customer area. Go to the landline telephony section, then to the options for managing your line. Finally, select the option ” hide number ” or ” incognito call », According to the name of the operator.

Block display with an Android smartphone

Android includes a function to permanently block the display of your number. This function is not operator dependent and remains active even after changing SIM card. The function is usually found in the settings of the Phone app.

How To Hide Android Number
  • Go to the app Phone
  • Open the menu by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the screen
  • Select “settings
  • Choose the heading “Other call settings ” or ” More ” depending on model
  • Select ” Show my number “,” Show my ID ” or ” Caller ID
  • Check the box next to ” Hide my number
  • To deactivate the incognito mode, carry out the same procedure by unchecking the same option.

Block display with an iOS smartphone

iOS also includes a function to permanently block the display of your number. This function does not depend on the operator here either and remains active, even after changing the SIM card.

hide ios number tutorial
  • Go to the menu ” settings
  • Choose the heading ” Phone
  • Select ” Show my number
  • Change the position switch.
  • To deactivate the incognito mode, perform the same procedure by simply changing the position switch.

Block display with a Feature Phone

Most Feature Phones also include in the settings menu a function to permanently hide the call number. You will find this setting in the section dedicated to calls in the settings menu of your mobile.