How to hide your friends on Facebook | Tips

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Facebook allows you to manage the privacy of your data with the public. This is because you can decide who can see your content. The control filters are: public, friends only, friends and their friends. Did you know that it is also possible to do the same with your friends list? To prevent visitors from digging into your friends list, here is how to hide it.

You can restrict the visibility of the friends list or even choose to hide it entirely. You will therefore be the only one to have access to it. Also, visitors will not know who you are friends with or not. And the number of friends will be completely hidden.

In addition, your friends will be able to effectively see the friends that you share in common.

Why hide your friends list on Facebook?

Hiding your list of friends a priori is not important for some. You need to quickly change your mind. Why ? Because a visible friend list is a gateway to reaching you. Indeed, hackers sometimes target your friends in order to get you more easily.

Suppose a hacker has sensitive videos on you. After his threats, you decide to ignore him. The latter will look for people close to you from your friends list in order to contact them and exert a new form of pressure on you. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The better known your loved ones, the more vulnerable you should. Let’s put in place some security to protect our life and those around us.

Hide your friends on facebook

If you want to hide your friends, you have to go to your facebook profile. Then, please click on ” friends “. On the new page, you will have access to your friends list.

how his friends on facebook

Then it is necessary modify confidentiality. To do this, you must click on the 3 dots on the right then click on the button “Modify confidentiality”.

hide your facebook friends list
facebook friends list

On this window, in the Friends list section, please click ” friends “.

friends list

Finally, to finally hide your Facebook friends list, you must select the option ” only me “.

how to hide your friends on facebook

Hide your friends on Facebook via a phone

Unfortunately, the native facebook apps on Android and iPhone do not yet integrate this functionality. You must necessarily go through the Facebook website via a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.). Then, follow the procedure as indicated above.

What to remember, to hide your facebook friends list, you need to access your facebook profile. Then go to the section friends and modify the confidentiality on only me.

We just hid your friends from visitors. However, if a friend of yours goes to your profile, they might see your mutual friends.

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Hide your likes

Like your friends list, you can also hide your likes and interests. To do this, from the facebook website via a web browser you must on more and select mention I like. Then, you click on the 3 points on the right and click on modify the confidentiality of your likes. Then you change the visibility to only me.

hide mention I like facebook

Make your old Facebook posts invisible

You’ve been posting content on Facebook for a few years. Today, they have become annoying for you. Note that you can change the visibility mode of this publication. Indeed, you must go out of fashion public To only me. You will then be the only person to see this content.

To hide a post, you need to find it on your profile or in the News Feed. Then you have to click on the 3 dots on the right. Then click on modify the audience.

hide your friends list on Facebook

In the new window, please select ” only me ”

hide your friends on Facebook

Your post will now be invisible. You are the only person who has access to it.

There is another, faster method to achieve the same result. Here you have to look below your name, after the date and time of the post. You have the earth icon, you have to click on it. Then, you will have the window to change the audience of your post.