How to hide the perforation of the Galaxy S20 when using certain apps

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How to hide the perforation of the Galaxy S20 when using certain apps 1

The range of Galaxy S20s, which a month ago included the S20 FE in its range in Spain, is one of the most outstanding families of phones this year on Android. For this generation, Samsung has opted for a perforation in its screen, located in the central part of it.

When using any of these Galaxy S20, this piercing is not a hassle, but there may be users who want to hide it when using certain applications, such as Netflix or YouTube, for example. Samsung’s One UI provides a way to hide such perforation when using specific applications.

Hides the perforation of the Samsung Galaxy S20

Hide perforation Galaxy S20

As you already know, One UI is a customization layer that gives us many options. One of the functions that we have available for these Galaxy S20 is the possibility of hiding the perforation. This is a feature built into Full Screen Apps, which causes that perforation to be hidden when we open that application, such as when opening Netflix or YouTube. So we will not have problems with it and reproduce that content without drilling on the screen. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter the Screen section.
  3. Go to Full Screen Apps.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots.
  5. Enter Advanced Settings.
  6. Activate the Hide camera aperture option.

By hiding the front camera of the phone, the perforation we have on the screen will be hidden. This can be comfortable when using certain applications or there may be users who are not comfortable with the perforation that is on the screen of the Galaxy S20. It is not a piercing that bothers, but this way everyone will be able to customize the appearance of the phone a little more.

Instead of the perforation a black stripe is displayed at the top of the phone screen. For some users, viewing some of the applications may be more comfortable this way.

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