How to have two WhatsApp to take advantage of a mobile with dual SIM

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Have a dual SIM mobile It allows use two phone numbers to make calls or send SMS, but both numbers cannot be used for WhatsApp. Of course, there are several ways to make use of the dual SIM in all its possibilities, WhatsApp included. We show you the best.

Dual SIM mobiles are more than common since this option has been installed by default in all price ranges and manufacturer catalogs. In fact, your mobile probably has space to insert two SIM cards with their respective two phone numbers, a function that allows you to separate your personal life from your work life, for example. However: How to open a WhatsApp for each of those numbers? This is a problem that does not have a difficult solution.

Make a duplicate of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Duplicate WhatsApp duplicate on a Samsung Galaxy

The famous messaging application has several limitations: besides that it can only be used on one device (in the future this will change), WhatsApp does not allow you to use two phone numbers at the same time. This limits the possibilities of a dual SIM mobile since you have to choose one of the numbers. Or not, because it is always possible to duplicate WhatsApp.

With a duplicate of applications, the system considers each of the twins as independent, allowing them to log in separately. Or what is the same: you will have two WhatsApp applications in which you can register the two numbers of your dual SIM mobile. Notifications will reach both of you, of course, with the possible mess that this can cause (especially if you have many groups).

There are several ways to duplicate applications: with Dual apps that are integrated by most manufacturers and with applications that you can install separately. The first way is the most recommended since you not only avoid installing anything, you will also have your WhatsApp up to date (the system is responsible for updating both applications, the official WhatsApp and the duplicate).

Whatsapp Duplicate Left, OnePlus; center, Huawei; right, OPPO

As usual on Android, each manufacturer gives a name to the function of the duplicate of apps. For example, Samsung calls it ‘Dual Messaging’, Xiaomi ‘Dual Apps’, OPPO and Realme call it ‘Application Cloner’, on OnePlus it is ‘Parallel Applications’ and on Huawei / Honor they have the name ‘Twin Apps’. The function is similar in all brands and is configured in the same way:

  • Open the settings of your mobile and look for the duplicate apps menu.
  • Enter the options and select WhatsApp.
  • The system will create a duplicate of the application. The process can be immediate (just by selecting WhatsApp) or you may need to take additional steps (select if you want to choose a different contact list, for example, as Samsung does).
Whatsapp Duplicate Duplicate WhatsApp (left) and original WhatsApp (right)
  • Once you have your duplicate WhatsApp you will see that two similar apps appear. The duplicate will have a differentiated icon.
  • Log in to the new WhatsApp with the second number of your dual SIM and you will have it working.

Your dual SIM mobile will receive notifications from both WhatsApp and you will have all the conversations and statuses at your disposal: the two applications will work independently. And you will have to manually select which WhatsApp to open before creating a new conversation. Until you get used to it, it will be a bit confusing.

Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

There are many applications in the Google Play Store that allow duplicate apps, but they usually include advertising and, since WhatsApp integrates a large amount of private data, using a duplicator carries some privacy risk. Therefore, it is best to use a second application that is also official: WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

Even if you are not a business, you can use the Business version: its use is identical and you will not have to pay anything for it. You just have to download WhatsApp Business from Google Play, register it with the second number of your dual SIM mobile and choose ‘Not a business’ from the company category. WhatsApp will not block your number or prevent you from using the Business version in a personal capacity, but contacts will see your number as ‘business’. It is not something that affects your chats.

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How to have two WhatsApp to take advantage of a mobile with dual SIM

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