How to have the Memoji of Apple on your Android

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From time to time, Apple comes up with a feature that Android users we wondered how we could accomplish. The last thing that has come from Cupertino in this regard are the highly regarded Memojis, custom thumbnails with the face of the users. Every Apple user now, if you want, you can customize the emojis on your phone, with its beautiful effigy, and send it to their friends in messages, conversations, posts in social networks… and what about Android users? Since we also have ways to get to use the Memojis, they are nothing difficult to put into practice, and we will tell you some so that you know what you can turn to.

Creates Memojis with Gboard

The keyboard of Google is prepared in series to provide an alternative to this little feature from Apple. In the case of Gboard is called Emoji Minis, and obviously to be able to use this keyboard, you have to be the one you use by default.

If you do not have it installed on your terminal, install it. When what you have and how you’ve set up as default keyboard, open the keyboard in any application that allow you to do so. Once done, tap the icon of the stickers of Gboard:

Keyboard Google openKeyboard Google open

Then tap on the icon highlighted in the image below and then click Create:

Tab Emoji Minis in GboardTab Emoji Minis in Gboard

This will open a camera mode selfie with a framework, in which you’ll have to frame your face and click on the button below:

Creator automatic memojis in GboardCreator automatic memojis in Gboard

When finished I will offer different results, which you can see if pulsáis in Show:

Generation of Emoji Mini completedGeneration of Emoji Mini completed

And in my particular case, this is the result:

Gallery custom Emoji MiniGallery custom Emoji Mini

As you can see, it is very easy and takes few minutes to do so. Then, to insert it in a conversation, you’ll be able to access them in the menu stickers of Gboard:

Emoji Mini in a conversation of WhatsAppEmoji Mini in a conversation of WhatsApp

Bitmoji, the best alternative

If Gboard lets you create stickers of your face, with Bitmoji you can create an avatar of entire body which can send in your conversations.

Download and open the app and choose first the gender of the avatar (in this example men’s):

Selection of the gender of the avatarSelection of the gender of the avatar

The following will give you a selfie for Bitmoji you can build your avatar to a personal automatically, as we saw in the case of Gboard. After that, you can introduce the changes you feel are appropriate in the editor avatars:

Editor avatars of BitmojiEditor avatars of Bitmoji

And last, but not least, Bitmoji is fully integrated within Gboard. Is more, if you open the keyboard and go to the tab stickers, you’ll see a section dedicated to your creations in this app:

Tab Bitmoji in GboardTab Bitmoji in Gboard

As you can see, it is very easy to have Memojis in Android if you have to hand the right tools.