How to have the Google camera app on your Samsung mobile

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How to have the Google camera app on your Samsung mobile 1

Samsung mobiles that are launched in Spain use Exynos processors, think of models such as the Galaxy S20 or those within the Galaxy A range. By default, these devices come with the brand’s camera application installed. Although there are many users who want use google camera, but it is not always possible as it is not supported. What to do in these cases?

Luckily, even if you have a Samsung phone that uses an Exynos processor, like most models of the brand that are sold in Spain, you can have the Google camera app. This is something possible thanks to Zgcam, responsible for bringing this app to Samsung models.

Google Camera for Samsung Phones

Google Camera on Samsung

Exynos processors they make it difficult to use the Google camera app, since this application has not been developed to be compatible with the requirements of the processor. Although in phones with Snapdragon processors this type of obstacle has been overcome, in processors such as the Exynos or the Kirin of Huawei, it is a real barrier. Projects like Zgcam are a good help for users with phones from brands like Samsung or Huawei.

This project allows you download this application on your Galaxy mobile, also having access to the main functions of the original GCam. Although it has an important limitation, since the front camera cannot be activated, it will only be used with the rear cameras, something that occurs due to the incompatibility with the Korean brand’s library. If you have rooted your mobile, then you can use the front camera in this app.

Google camera in Samsung settings

Zgcam is an application that we can configure in depth, because it has the main functions of the Google camera app. Consider features like night mode, portrait mode, and astrophotography. This will allow you to get more out of your Samsung mobile by having these functions available to everyone.

Zgcam can be downloaded from this website, where new versions of it are being launched. The current one is based on version 7.4 of the Google camera application. If you have a Samsung mobile, you will be able to use this application, enjoying most of the functions, only with the limitation that you will not be able to use the front camera.

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