How to have a virtual machine inside Android

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Android is a really versatile operating system. By its nature, it allows you to deeply customize aspects of the interface, modify the application launcher and even install software from outside the official store. But that is not the only thing it is capable of doing. On Android you can also install a virtual machine. This will allow you to have a completely safe environment isolated from the main operating system.

Running an Android instance within Android is useful for a number of things. For example, it allows you test supposedly malicious apps or with a bad reputation without consequences. It is also perfect for being rooted and enjoying its potential without making changes to your phone. In essence, running a virtual machine allows you to perform any action without affecting your device. If you are interested in having one, in this article we will show you all the steps.

Create an Android virtual machine inside Android with VMOS

The application that we suggest you use to create a virtual machine in your terminal is VMOS. At Malavida we offer you its download completely free of charge. You just have to touch on the link that you will see on this page.

Once installed, VMOS will ask you to grant it a series of permissions. Tap on One-click authorization to continue.

Application permissionsApplication permissions

Activate the slider that you will see on the screen.

Enable permission to show on other apps in VMOSEnable permission to show on other apps in VMOS

Also, tap on Allow in the various pop-up messages that will appear.

Accept other permissionsAccept other permissions

On the next screen, press Add to add any of the available ROMs. We advise you to use the one that corresponds to version 7.1 of Android. It is true that it is a bit outdated, but it is functional when it comes to testing.

Add a new ROMAdd a new ROM

Wait for the installation to complete.

Wait for the installation to completeWait for the installation to complete

When finished, the virtual machine will appear up and running. Yes, you already have an Android within the Android system of your device. Press on VM Settings to enter the machine settings.

Virtual machine runningVirtual machine running

One of the options that we recommend activating is Google Services. With it you will have access to the Google store and the rest of its applications. Here it is also possible to enable root access and Xposed.

Virtual machine optionsVirtual machine options

During the execution of the virtual machine, you will have at your disposal a floating button with some basic options.

Virtual machine featuresVirtual machine features

The following screenshot shows the menu that appears after pressing it and all its functions.

Available commandsAvailable commands

If you shut down or suspend the virtual machine, you will return to the main VMOS screen. From there you can start the installed machines or add a new one.

Add more virtual machinesAdd more virtual machines

Whenever you want to run your virtual Android, first open VMOS. From its welcome page, click on the machine you want to turn on. Do not forget that if you delete any of the ROMs that you have installed, all its content will be lost. We recommend using the method described in this article for testing only, never for everyday use.