how to get your code to change operator

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Table of Contents

How to change operator without losing your phone number? We mistakenly think it is complicated but it is actually very simple. All you need to do is have a code called the RIO number that you will send to your new operator who will then take care of ensuring the portability of your telephone number. Here’s how to get it.

RIO number change operator

The RIO number (operator identity statement) is a 12-digit code which identifies your telephone number and your contract of employment with your operator. It is essential if you ever want to activate the portability of your phone number, in other words change operator while keeping the same number.

How is this code read? we first find theoperator ID (01 for Orange, 02 for SFR, 03 for Bouygues Telecom and 04 for Free Mobile), the letter “E” or “P” which indicates whether you are an individual or a company, your contract number which consists of of 6 alphanumeric characters and a control code composed of three characters which allows you to verify that your RIO number is valid.

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Call 3179 to get your RIO code immediately

rio number

Whatever your original operator, you now just need to call a unique number, the 3179 using your mobile to get your code. You will then receive your RIO number by SMS. The call to the server is free.

Note that this is the easiest solution to get your RIO number but it is not the only one. If ever, for any reason whatsoever, you are unable to call the voice server, you can also call your customer service or find it in your online customer area.

Please note, once you have obtained your RIO number, do not forget to indicate it to your new operator as well as your telephone number when taking out your new contract. Finally, if your mobile is still locked, you will have to think about unlocking it before inserting your new SIM card, unless you have decided to opt for a bare smartphone and unlocked by any operator.

Orange SFR Bouygues Free Mobile customer service
Credit: Unsplash

Operators do not always offer a real alternative to the one-stop-shop for number portability. In fact, only Free Mobile allows you to consult the RIO code directly in your customer area. For other operators, the only alternative is to contact their unique number which in fact includes 3179, or to put you in touch with customer service. We therefore offer you the procedure to consult your RIO code at Free Mobile, and quick access to the telephone numbers to obtain your RIO code.

Check your RIO code in the Free Mobile Subscriber Area

For that, it’s very simple :

  • Go to preferably from your computer or tablet
  • Click on Subscriber Area at the top right
  • Log in with your Free Mobile credentials
  • Go to the My Information section

The RIO code to port your number to another operator can be found on this page

Contact the special number of Orange, SFR, Bouygues or Free Mobile directly to obtain your RIO number

If there is no other solution, the easiest way is to contact the number dedicated to your operator’s RIO codes:

  • Orange / Sosh : 0800 003 179 where the 527 from an Orange / Sosh line
  • SFR / Red by SFR : 0800 973 179 or 933 from an operator line
  • Bouygues / B & You : 0800 943 943 or 658 from a Bouygues line
  • free mobile : 0 805 92 3179

Call Orange, SFR, Bouygues or Free Mobile customer service by phone in the event of a problem

contact customer service by phone
Credit: Unsplash

If this does not work, we recommend that you get in touch directly with your operator’s customer service. It is generally possible to do this by chat from your customer area Help section. This has the advantage of blocking you less in your interaction with customer service while quickly delivering a response. If necessary, you can also contact your operator’s customer service directly at the following numbers:

  • Orange : 3900 from any landline or mobile or the +33 9 69 39 39 00 from abroad
  • Sosh : 3976 from any landline or mobile or the +33 9 69 39 39 00 (like Orange) from abroad
  • SFR : 1023 from an SFR line +33 6 1000 1023 if applicable or from abroad
  • Red by SFR : performing most of the operations must be possible from your customer area. Contact the 0801 82 00 36 if applicable.
  • Bouygues : 634 from a Bouygues mobile, 1034 from any other line, or +33 6 60 61 46 14 (Bbox and Package) or +33 6 68 63 46 34 (Mobicarte) from abroad
  • B & You : 614 from a Bouygues mobile, 1064 from any other line, or +33 6 60 61 46 14 from abroad
  • free mobile : 3244 from any fixed or mobile line (please note, premium rate number) or +33 1 78 56 95 60 from abroad (price of a classic call to France)

How long will it take for my number to be available from my new operator?

New Phone
Credit: Unsplash

Once your RIO code has been sent to your new operator, the porting of your number is automatic. It usually takes one day, unless you request otherwise. During this time your line will be briefly interrupted and calls to your number may not go through correctly, or at all, or lead to the line of another subscriber.

Note also thatit is strongly recommended to make your portability request at the beginning rather than at the end of the week. The delay of one day is in fact to be understood as a one working day delay. In other words, if you launch your request on a Friday, you may find yourself without a phone until Monday or, in the worst case, Tuesday.

An SMS will notify you in any case of the progress of the procedure. To this can be added a four hours to activate your new SIM card. But activation is generally practically immediate as soon as you insert the new SIM card into the smartphone.

Can my operator bill me for number porting?

The answer is straightforward: no. Portability has to be free and neither your old nor your new operator can charge you for it – it’s the law. If you believe that your operator has charged you for the portability of your telephone number, we invite you to get in touch with a consumer association as quickly as possible.