How to get tickets sheet more fast in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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In this game, it is an adaptation to the productions that were released on the Nintendo DS and later portable consoles of the brand. It retains all the essence, although they implemented a different element to intervene in the development of the game, called tickets sheet, we can get you more quickly if you follow the following tutorial.

What are the notes sheet?

It may seem that it is the method of payment for trade items, but it is more of the currency to speed up processes in the game. Since it is a free download, have introduced this system of micropayments to provide users with a status more premium and thus get an economic return. These japanese do not give stitch without thread.animal crossing pocket camp

We can finish long before all kinds of processes, such as producing a more rapid craft products, or to buy materials, ask for more messages to campers or use special objects such as fishing nets and fertilizers. If we are left without tickets on the sheet, it seems that the only way to get more is to pay with real money. But no, there are other ways of achieving it without scratching the pocket.

How to get them faster

Before resorting to such a method, in a desperate way, it is possible to choose various alternatives to continue to have in our inventory notes sheet. Leaving aside the typical tricks hacks, which are for Animal Crossing, we have other more legal, without leaving the game. Everything happens for spending a lot of time to play, because every time you go up a level to our character, we will get 10 tickets sheet.challenges to get tickets sheet

On the other hand, it is important to be active in the community and find friends or acquaintances in the network who are also fans of video games. This will allow you to be able to invite you to Animal Crossing, and if we build up 5 invitations, we bring a bounty of other 5 notes sheet. This process can be repeated unlimitedlyso it will be better to be known in the community Nintendo.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Elements such as objectives and the challenges proposed by the game of daily can’t be left behind. Not dominant, the difficulty in these challenges, so that will be very simple to comply with, and be awarded tickets sheet that vary according to each to my nintendo animal crossing

Finally, the mode that most tickets sheet provides us with is the link to our profile of the game to MyNintendo, the social network of the company to interact with all the players. If we checked on that platform and link it, Animal Crossing will reward us with 50 tickets sheet, there you have it.