How to get the final 5 of the Encounter with Barbara

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One of the new features introduced with Genshin Impact update 1.4 is the inclusion of the Encounters, a kind of visual novel or appointments with one of the characters that will allow us to get rewards and see as many endings. In this case, within the cast of the title of miHoYo, we are going to show how to complete all the endings of Barbara’s memories.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What are these Genshin Impact Meetings?

This new game mode offers us different legendary missions related to some of the main characters of the adventure, and they work like the classic dating simulators, where we will have to investigate the personality of each of the heroes enabled for this type of mission and get rewards along the way.

In this case we are going to focus on the meeting with Barbara, which can unlock up to five finals, and for you to see all of them you simply have to follow each of the steps and answers that we offer you.

Before you can enter these types of missions, you must meet two simple requirements: have reached the adventure rank 26 and have completed the Archon mission from Act III of the prologue called “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.” We are also going to require obtaining legendary keys that you can get by completing eight orders a day, or by claiming the different daily rewards through the game menu.

How to get the final 5 of the Encounter with Barbara

The memory of Barbara is called “the source of healing,” and the first part is Sister Victoria’s concern. We have to go talk to the Sister Victoria to Mondstadt Cathedral and will ask you to find Barbara in the kingdom of wolves. From here the forks of the story begin, giving a total of 5 different endings.

One aspect that we must take into account is the measurement of Barbara’s heart. In this way, we have to avoid mean, angry, insensitive or disappointed dialogue options, as they will reduce Barbara’s heart meter. Reducing the heart meter too much can cause the mission to fail.

Ending 1: Inappropriate Enthusiasm

When we locate Barbara in the kingdom of the wolves, a fan will call her and you must select the first option, which is “wait here, I’ll take care of it.”

Now while you are talking to the fan, you must select one of the following responses: “I have been killing monsters all day, but I have not heard anything”, “Barbara is no longer here, it is better that you return”, “There are areas that do not you know and maybe you should look elsewhere ”. With this the fan will continue searching and you will have to follow him until the first ending is completed.

Ending 2: A Spicy Liyue

You get here you have completed the transition called the Agreement with the Deaconess by choosing the option “I would like to try your spicy drink.” You will have to look for the ingredients and choose “very well, let’s split up.”

5 endings barbarian encounter

We have to go collect chili peppers from Jueyun at the stone gate and then meet Barbara in the whispering forest. As we wait for her and she does not come, we must go into the forest and we will find Barbara scared by a group of treasure thieves who are attacking a merchant and you will have to fight. As soon as you defeat the thieves, you must select “I would like to try your spicy drink.”

Ending 3: The Taste of Hard Work

Follow the same steps as with the previous ending, but when you get to the last selection of actions where we must choose our reward, this time select “we were just looking for sweet flowers” and you will have to go to Mondstadt to talk to Barbara and complete it.

Ending 4: Incomplete Healing

From ending number 2, selecting “I would like to try your spicy drink”, but then selecting “I think it would be better if we stick together.” Then you will go with Barbara to the whispering forest to look for sweet flowers eliminating monsters along the way until we meet a treasure hunter who needs our help.

In this case we must select the option “it is very suspicious, we should take it to the knights” when Barbara is about to cure it with herbs. This will make the thief attack us and you will have to eliminate him, and after that you will achieve the end.

Final 5: Holidays in Mondstadt

Once we complete the transition we will have to choose the option “the melancholic summer coral sparkling tea sounds great” where we will have to go together with Barbara who is waiting for you next to the Cola de gato tavern.

barbara genshin impact dialogue

Barbara will be surrounded by fans and you must drive them away to get a ride talking to Barbara while drinking the aforementioned tea, and thus you will complete the fifth ending.

Rewards for completing Barbara’s endings

These adventures or mysteries that Genshin Impact poses to us are not carried out totally in vain, without any type of reward. Both this Encounter, as well as many others that we can have with more characters, as well as different missions that we can carry out, help us to learn new stories and very valuable rewards in our progress. Depending on the number of travel souvenirs earned, you will get the following rewards:

  • 1 souvenir of the trip: 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Protogems, and 3x Freedom Guide.
  • 2 memories of the trip: 100 Adventure XP, 5x Hero’s Ingenuity, and 3 Varuna Lazurite Fragment.
  • 3 memories of the trip: 100 Adventure XP, 20 Protogems, and 5x Spicy Stew.
  • 4 memories of the trip: 100 Adventure XP, 5x Hero’s Ingenuity, and 3 Varuna Lazurite Shards.
  • 5 memories of the trip: 100 Adventure XP, 20 Protogems and 3x Freedom Guide.

As you can see, it is very possible to do the final five to get each of the memories and get a multitude of rewards.