How to get the Effect is all the Rage in Mario Kart Tour

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Such is the importance, and at the same time, the complexity to achieve this, we have seen useful to make a tutorial on the subject. Then we are going to show you how to turn this Effect Anger, as well as to increase their occurrences, for which no career resists to us.

How do you get the Effect of Fury

This mode has no restrictions for a character or for a circuit in particular. Yes it is true that depending on the character and the circuit in which to compete, the effect -excuse the redundancy – of this Fury will be higher or lower. Basically this will serve to ensure that, when you open a box object, we can use it infinitely for a few seconds, and that in addition, makes us immune to any attack at that range.activate the rage in mario kart tour

Each pilot or character has 3 levels with a reward of a lesser to a greater number of boxes to activate the Effect of Fury. The level 1 offers an object for each box is obtained, the level 2 reward with two objects per box, and the level 3, three objects per box.

Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour

To achieve the third level, we need a character that is conducive for the circuit in which we compete. It is something that can be viewed in the tab of each one of them. For example, if we choose to Luigi, it is more appropriate to compete on circuits such as Valley Phantom 1 or Cape Cheep Cheep X, among others. In these cases, all the objects that we touch will be duplicated by three, as well as earn more amount of Maxiestrellas.

How to increase the probability of?

Despite its randomness, is an element that can increase their appearances in the race if you combine the right conditions, conditions that we, ourselves can cause in a certain way. However, it depends on several factors that we must consider in order to increase this probability. It is not the same if you go in the first place, where we can touch a banana or a coin, to go in the final position, where the reward will be a Shell of Blue, most likely.improve features to enable is all the rage in mario kart tour

Nor is it the same if we are improving the characteristics of the pilot, and doing so, would greatly increase the options to get the Effect you Rage. However, will vary between the different categories of riders, whether Common, Unique or Megasingular. We recall that, any of the three categories, it includes 6 levels of features.

  • Pilots Common: Varies between 0% to 6% the probability of getting the Effect of Fury.
  • Pilots Unique: Increases the likelihood of Anger between a 1% and 8%, depending on the level.
  • Pilots Megasingulares: Comprises a probability between 2% and 10% to achieve the Effect of Fury.

To improve these characteristics, we need coins or coupons to redeem. Although if you buy a character that is already unlocked or tap repeated, we will add 1 point to the feature of the character in question.