How to get the battle tags

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There are games that follow different lines of work. Some developers just release the product and little else, adding a few extra touches. On the other hand, there are the developers who insist on a constant work to release new content and frequently, without rest. This is the case of Garena with his flagship product, where he has devised battle labels for Free Fire.

One of the elements that may go unnoticed by the players of Free fire are the battle tags. The community is not yet aware of how to obtain them, so here is the tutorial to highlight your profile. Obviously this is not going to generate any advantage in the game, it is merely one of the many customization elements that the game has to decorate our profile.

Garena Free Fire: The Cobra
Garena Free Fire: The Cobra

How to get them all

The players of Free fire They can earn Battle Tags based on their performance in matches. The point is to complete specific missions a certain number of times to unlock the respective tags. Each battle tag has three different variants.

To get these labels we will have to play different roles and achieve one or another feat during our games in Free Fire. If our objective is to achieve them all, we will have to try different strategies and change our usual game mode, since some like “Dominator” ask us to be the winner of the battle royale while others are simply looking for good opportunities to attack (Guerrilla) . The magic is in discovering how to get each one of them and we believe that you are perfectly capable of achieving it with the callsigns that we have left you previously.

free fire profile

On the other hand, it should be remembered that these tags will be displayed on each player’s profile and others will be able to see them when they visit our profile virtually. Therefore, if we want to show that we are the best and the dominators of each game, we will have to practice … and win. Without further ado, even if you don’t have much loss, we are going to explain step by step where they are:

  1. First of all, they need to open Garena Free Fire and tap on the profile section in the upper left corner.
  2. Then users can tap on the edit icon as shown in the following image.
  3. They can click on the “Styles” tab and choose the label they want to display.

All Free Fire Battle Tags

As we said a few lines above, the battle labels are displayed in the player profile of Free fire and others can see them when they visit our data tab in the game. With all this information, we are going to review all the tags that are available in this battle royale and what meaning each of them have.

styles labels battle free fire

  • Domineering– Eliminate opponents and be the final survivor
  • Without a crown: opponents eliminated but did not survive to the end
  • Best friend– Support your teammates by helping them get up.
  • Sniper– Eliminate opponents from a distance.
  • Fighter– Eliminate opponents up close.
  • Pacifier– Be the final survivor with as little combat as possible.
  • Ninja: fresh and collected, occupies the best grounds.
  • Warfare– Move around and look for opportunities to attack.