How to get off the map with a shooter bug

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Table of Contents

It has been a long time since a bug has been disclosed in a video game, especially in a mobile shooter, which are usually well developed in that sense. However, grace this time touches the benchmark of the genre, neither more nor less, although it is not a bug that we can qualify as negative, but rather curious. Turns out we can exit the map in COD Mobile.

You do not believe it? You will see the demonstration in this article, in addition to explaining how you can do it in any game of this Call of Duty. Be careful, in any game, not anywhere, since this bug only manifests itself in some of the maps that the shooter has, but not in all.

Call of Duty®: Mobile
Call of Duty®: Mobile

Map of Shipment 1944

This popular and veteran of the saga is the first of the cases in which we can put the bug into practice. The first thing you have to do is equip a turret before starting the game, since we will need it. Once on the map, we place ourselves in one of the limits of the map, preferably next to one of the barbed wires that give access to a path. Next, we mount the turret, so it will serve as a springboard to jump those wires and access the other part of the map. To know when and where we should place the turret, we will wait for the closest place that can be put to the fence, showing a blue color.

exit map cod mobile shipment 1944

The thing does not end there, and that is that once we equip the turret and release it, we will stay right above the wires. We’re not off the map yet, as there are two other requirements to meet. The first will be equip ourselves with the knife and then the Ballistic Shield. Once placed a little further forward, we jump on it and we will be completely off the map. We will be able to explore it a bit, although many elements of the area are unfinished.

Firing range

In the second map that we name to use the bug and exit the map in COD Mobile, we are going to proceed with the same system that we have carried out in the previous map. If we stand in the zone of respawn, we have barbed wires again delimiting firing range. Once again, we put the turret as close as possible, we mounted it and then we released it. We re-equip the knife and mount the Ballistic Shield to jump it.

exit map cod mobile firing range

In this case, we have a somewhat more usable area, in the sense that there are more elements to observe and to investigate compared to Shipment 1944. As in the previous map, it is fully playable, since we can throw objects like grenades or even kill from the outside, since the inside of the map is perfectly visible.