How to get Mora as fast as possible

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Genshin Impact is a whole JRPG experience and without paying a single euro … but you will need to farm Mora to progress in missions, improve your equipment and obtain better items. We show you how to get this coin in the shortest time possible.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What are these Blackberries for Genshin Impact for

The blackberries they are the type of common currency from Genshin Impact which is mainly used in the game to trade with NPC’s as well as leveling up our characters and much more. Genshin Impact currency is the most important resource you will need to progress in the game. But before you start farming like a madman, you must attend to these tips to get as many as possible in a reduced amount of time.

How to get Mora as fast as possible

Genshin Impact currency is the most important resource you will need to progress in the game. But before you start farming like a madman, you must attend to these 7 tips to get the most amount possible in a reduced amount of time.

Opening chests is very important

To get started, open all treasure chests that you can. In Genshin Impact there are four types of chests: common, exquisite, precious and luxurious, and each offers different types of rewards. Explore each area well and do not leave any chest, because that way you can get more Blackberry and objects to sell, among other things.

get blackberries genshin impact

Another very effective method, although somewhat slow, are the Mondstadt Adventurers Guild expeditions. You can choose a character and send him on these missions preset by Teyvat, choosing the number of hours you want to use: 4, 8, 12 or 20 hours. We recommend that you choose the 20 hour option, which provides you with 5000 Blackberries.

Use the Anemo Sigils

And if you decide to go to Mondstadt, don’t forget to spend your Anemo Sigils in the souvenir shop. For example, with one unit you can get 1600 Blackberries (with 60 units in stock), while with two Animos you will get the same quantity, but with infinite stock. These items are obtained in chests and in the Statue of Seven, and will help you get more coins in Genshin Impact.

Explore areas and hunt enemies to get items

We move on to a more classic method, which, combined with the others, can earn you a lot of Blackberries. Consists in hunt down enemies, obtaining resources by killing them. For example, if you have a good team, you can easily beat Hilichurl hordes. In addition, you can access areas with higher level enemies, which will logically give you more Blackberries, such as Mount Aozang or southwest of the Stormterror Lair.

Related to the previous method, you can also get many Blackberries in Spiral Abyss Challenge. Consists in eight floors, three levels each one, where you will face hordes of enemies. Of course, you need to be at least level 20 to access this method. If you pass level 3 of each floor, you will get 25,000 Blackberries soon.

polls receive blackberries genshin impact

Surely you had not noticed him Book of adventures, available from the Genshin Impact Start menu. Many players let it pass, but it is a very effective way to get Blackberries. Access this book to consult the different challenges, and completing each of them will give you experience, better items and, of course, Blackberries.

Open law flowers

Also when you have advanced in your Adventure Rank there will come a time when you unlock the opening of the ley lines and with her the law flowers. These flowers sprout at different points on the map every day and if you open them they are like treasures that contain valuable objects, among which of course you can get blackberries.

  • Open the map each day and look for the ley flowers marked with a yellow symbol.
  • When you get to them you will have to touch them so that enemies appear.
  • Eliminate all opponents and spend 20 points of original resin to open the flower.
  • By this method you can win thousands of blackberries.

Complete Abyssal Domains

Another great way to get blackberries is completing Abyssal Domains, although these will only be accessible when you already have a good adventure range. In addition, it takes time to perform them, so one of the two methods described above is easier and faster.

Finally, the last method to get Blackberries in Genshin Impact is in the Liyue Harbor, within the Northland Bank. There you can get a whopping 200,000 Blackberries, inside a chest that you will find going up the main stairs of this bank. You will find this place just above Liyue’s souvenir shop, which is located in the south of the game map.

exchange blackberries genshin impact

Apart from the methods we have described, there are all a lot more ways of getting blackberries in small quantities and for various reasons. Always keep these alternatives in mind to farm Blackberries when you need them:

  • Mission rewards: do not forget to do any type of mission since almost all of them reward you with blackberries.
  • Claim the Adventure Rank rewards: Well, at all levels you get blackberries, and in large quantities.
  • Conduct research: of the Adventurer’s Manual and claim the rewards. They are tasks that are fulfilled as you play. Check the manual often.
  • Open chests: of course all chests in the game can give you blackberries, another ideal way to accumulate them little by little.
  • Eliminate enemies: it always gives you small amounts of additional blackberry.

Last option: buy Blackberries in the store

This is not an option suitable for all budgets, since the paid content that is available in Genshin Impact does not exactly have very affordable prices. Although it is not the most advisable thing, if you are peeled of Blackberries and you really need method of buying them with another currency. In this case, we mean redeeming Unowned Stardust in the Paimon bargains of the store.

  • 10,000 blackberries are always available: in exchange for 10 Stardust.
  • This action can only be done: a maximum of 30 times each month.