How to get free Pokécoins in Pokémon GO

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As we said, Pokécoins are used to acquire objects that we can apply to our Pokémon, as well as improvements and limited offers to expand the space of objects or Pokémon, for example. However, these coins are quite difficult to obtain. This has a very easy explanation, since it is basically the main method that the game uses to obtain profit. They can be obtained through various methods, but what we should never try is to do it illegal way, since they can ban us for life and worst of all, rip us off.

Don’t use cheats or hacks

infinite pokemon

There is no doubt that the technological world offers us a lot of possibilities and benefits for our day to day lives, but the truth is that on many occasions, not knowing correctly in which area we operate can play a trick on us. In the case of video games, there are always people willing to offer tricks, shortcuts or codes to make things easier for us, but there are also people who want to take advantage of our good faith.

The case of Pokémon GO was not going to be less than the rest. On the Internet we can find many web pages that offer unlimited or free Pokémonedas. How easy, right? No way. The sole purpose of these pages is rip us off and get hold of our personal information, such as the telephone number or our bank details, for which they use several methods.

They can try by proposing that we download certain Applications, subscriptions to payment services or simply through redeemable codesBut the truth is that we should never trust these methods. In fact, it has been proven that there is no miracle method to increase or clone in-game currencies, so we must not be tempted if we want to keep our data safe.

On the other hand, if any of these proposals were true and there was some way to get more Pokécoins, we would automatically expose ourselves to a ban by the game, and we could lose our account forever. Niantic, The Pokémon Company Y Nintendo, the three companies that gave life to the game, know that the method with which they earn the most money is through the purchase of Pokécoins. Therefore, it is not worth risking our data and our account for something that is impossible to achieve outside the game.

How to get Pokécoins

At the moment, there are only two methods available to get Pokécoins in the game. The first of them is putting real money to have access to purchases from the Pokémon Go store, such as objects, clothes for our character and special packs. The second is completely free, and they are basically achieved by playing.

With real money

poke coin shop

In the game store we have several Pokémonedas packs available. We can buy from 100 to 14,500, so the range is quite wide. To buy them, follow these steps:

  1. In the map view, tap on your character’s avatar to access the Main menu.
  2. Find the tab of the Store and access it.
  3. Select a pack of Pokécoins to purchase.
  4. You will be asked to complete the purchase through Google play or Galaxy Store on devices Android or from App Store on devices ios.

In addition to buying Pokécoins, in the store there are also certain packs of objects that you can buy with real money as you can see in the image above, but usually they are usually for a limited time.

Playing and defending gyms


If we don’t want to scratch our pockets, the easiest way to get Pokécoins is basically to spend hours and hours playing, but the truth is that it can be a very heavy task due to its difficulty. The fastest way is through the gyms, which you can access when you get to the level 5 coach. You must take control of as many gyms as possible, and later defend them to get coins.

The goal is to conquer gyms with friends from the same team (Value, Instinct or Wisdom), which you choose at the beginning of the game. You must assign your Pokémon within these to earn Pokécoins and experience points. For each hour you defend the gym, you will get 6 Pokécoins, and the maximum limit that can be obtained is 50 coins up to date. Therefore, the ideal is that you conquer several gyms in the same area to get them more quickly. When your Pokémon is eliminated from the gym, you will automatically receive the winnings.

Other ways to get Pokécoins

In May 2020, Pokémon GO announced that it would add new ways to get free Pokécoins. At first they did a test phase in Australia, for a while later to apply it to the rest of the world. If you manage to achieve all the objectives that they ask of you, you will win 5 coins a day. These are the ways to get them more easily:

  • Make a great pitch, a great pitch, or a good pitch: a task that, if you have been playing for a long time, it will not be difficult for you to accomplish.
  • Evolve a Pokémon: you can do it through candies that you get every time you capture one, or for some type of object to evolve it.
  • Use a berry to help you catch Pokémon: with this you will have a better chance of capturing it the first time.
  • Get a snapshot of your partner– Simply take a photo of one of your Pokémon.
  • Catch a Pokémon: the main objective of the game. Remember the song from the series: Get all!
  • Give a Pokémon More Power Once: Through Stardust
  • Transfer a Pokémon– You can trade Pokémon with your friends to increase your Pokédex registration.
  • Win a raid– Get the strongest Pokémon to upgrade your team. Of course, you must fight with your best creatures.