How to get free loot boxes

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Table of Contents

Indeed, we can get free these boxes that Call of Duty has, which is the paid content offered by the Activision game. We know that, as a good free to play, it is a very attractive game due to its free access but that it later offers various improvements that are accessible only by paying.

What are loot boxes, types and odds

Before going on and showing how to get free boxes, let’s first see what these loot boxes are and the different types of loot boxes that is in COD Mobile. They are objects that can be obtained in the Call of Duty: Mobile Store, they usually have an approximate price between 110 and 720 COD Points. These contain a variety of items, of which you can only obtain one, and its value will depend on the type of rarity it has.

In addition, the game itself informs you, if you wish, of the probabilities that when you open one of the boxes you can touch one or the other object. The probabilities of each box vary depending on the number of contents and the price:

Seasonal weapon box

  • Price: 160 CP (approximately € 2).
  • Exceptional Item (purple): 1.30%
  • Rare Item (blue): 40.70%
  • Unusual Item (green): 58.00%

Gesture box

  • Price: 80 CP (€ 1 approximately).
  • Exceptional Item (purple): 1.00%
  • Rare Item (blue): 99.00%

Daily box

  • Price: 40 CP (€ 0.50 approximately).
  • Rare Item (blue): 33.00%
  • Unusual Item (green): 67.00%

To older than these typical boxes, sometimes Special loot boxes may appear in the shop such as “Black Gold Gun Box”, “Royal Crimson Gun Box” or “Soldier Battery Box”, to name a few that have already been seen. Every few days and hours the contents of the boxes vary and sometimes temporary offers come out.

How to get free loot boxes in CoD Mobile

Having explained everything that these loot boxes offer and all the types that exist in the game, it remains to be seen how we can get them and without spending a single penny. It is no less true that there are few ways to get them for free, since CoD Mobile is very focused on integrated purchases.

One of these ways is that at our disposal there is a button in the main menu of the game that will give us access to an advertising video. You will find the button in the upper left corner, next to your profile name and level. After watching the video, you will get a message that you have just been rewarded with a Daily loot box. Now you just have to go to the “Armament” section, enter the fourth section that is shaped like a backpack and there you will see the loot box that you have won.

video loot boxes cod mobile

Best of all, this is a method that you can repeat. up to 5 times in the same day, with intervals of 10 minute wait between video and advertising video. Therefore, if you apply this every day, in a week you will get up to 35 loot boxes, which is not bad at all. In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to the daily rewards that the game offers simply for entering to play, not to mention the many temporary events that the Activision game offers.

COD points are another way to redeem these loot boxes, but it is the currency that is acquired with real money. However, with the accumulation of credits, the free currency of CoD Mobile, there can be many possibilities to get them for free.