How to get deeds on Hay Day

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writings there is day

In another article we already talked about how difficult it is to progress in Hay Day and that is why we gave you certain tricks to get diamonds in large quantities. Now we have seen that many people ask about Hay Day deeds and how to get them and that is what we are going to help you with. This video game for mobile phones in the style of the classic Farmville has already become one of the most played video games and that is why you have to boast of the best farm. For this you will need to dedicate hours to the video game and pay close attention to all these tricks that we are teaching you.

Finding all the objects and getting diamonds becomes essential. It is not the typical game where by swiping and picking things up you are already full of materials. Here each resource has its own way of obtaining it and it seems that it does not, but you have to look at it. With different objects that we will talk about below, As are the Hay Day writings, or the ax and the stake, you will be able to progress a lot in the collection video game. In this way you will get one of the best Hay Day players that will be in your city. Let’s go with this little guide on objects.

How to get deeds on Hay Day?

Hay Day

As we told you, in the Hay Day video game you are going to have to get a lot of materials to progress on your farm. Among them, in order to expand it, you will need those that we are going to talk about right now: land deeds, map pieces, stakes … All this you will need to be able to unlock new territories on your farm where you can do more jobs and generate more resources. The sooner you learn this, the sooner you will evolve in the Hay Day video game.

Land deeds on Hay Day

The scriptures, of course They are used to expand areas of land on your farm and have all that available to cultivate or build. What happens is that many times to expand the farm you will also need a stake or a mace in addition to the deed. To start with something, we tell you that you can get deeds with diamonds (just below we have left you an article so you know how to get diamonds faster in Hay Day). You just have to go to a point of sale and spend the diamonds. But if you don’t have many yet, you can get them by collecting crops or products that you have already made.

How to get deeds on Hay Day 1

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Another way we have to get deeds in Hay Day is win them in the roulette of fortune, in the mysterious boxes that you find or in some mysterious network. You can also get them by watching videos in the cinema, you know, nothing different from what we told you in that other article about getting diamonds. The mechanics are repeated with the important objects, that’s why it was so key that you read it. In any case, the deeds have a price of 112 coins and 12 diamonds and you can start getting them at level 22 of the Hay Day video game.

Get the mace to expand terrain in Hay Day

mystery box hay day

If you want to get deeds, you also want to get maces and stakes, we will repeat it for you because some go with others to be able to expand areas. The clubs are essential to expand many areas of your farm, the fishing area or the town itself. As with deeds, you can buy maces if you have diamonds, at the points of sale or also collecting crops and products already manufactured. In any case, if you need coins to buy an object, you can also sell the clubs for 400 coins, which is the maximum price paid for them.

Get stakes to mark ground in Hay Day

The stakes as we tell you in the title, They are used to mark an area of ​​land within your farm. With the stakes you will be able to expand the area by making areas to fish or even go to the town to expand land. Of course, to expand the town you will need pieces of a map among many other materials that we have been talking about in this article, you know, mace and writings. As you can see, the mechanics here are also repeated and the three objects are basic and you have to have them to do something.

To get stakes and be able to start marking special areas of the terrain you will have to remove them from the mystery nets or from the mystery boxes (in the article that we have left you we talked about how to get more mystery boxes thanks to your friends). You can also try to get them by harvesting manufactured products or different crops.

Also, if you have accumulated diamonds you can spend a few in the stalls to get more stakes. Finally, if you go to the summer cinema, you can also get stakes by watching an advertisement, spot or advertising trailer.

Get ax to eliminate zones in Hay Day

Hay day ax

As we have taught you to enlarge, you also have to eliminate certain shrubs or small trees that die on Hay Day. To clean areas you will need the ax. The ax is as easy as winning an event or in any derby reward.

What’s more, cheerful visitors to the town can give you one as a reward or gift. Also and as always, you can earn it by collecting manufactured products or buy it with diamonds. In the end, in this game, everything is bought with diamonds.

The sale price of the ax is 10 coins and 4 diamonds. You can buy it at any point of sale in town. Although we recommend that you try the above methods as it is an essential and common object.

We hope that this article has been helpful and that from now on you know how to expand land on your Hay Day farm (in addition to the town and fishing area) thanks to the Hay Day deeds and above all, that it is clear to you that you need stakes and clubs to combine. If you have any questions about the video game, you can leave it in the comment box so that we can read it to you. See you in the next Android Help article.