how to get blue specks and what are they for

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Table of Contents

To get the blue specks you have various methods at your disposal. The simplest of them is to play, since you will acquire a certain amount after each game, regardless of whether you win or lose, so as long as you have some time it would not be a bad idea for you to play one. If it is your first time in this universe or you have doubts about what are they for or how to get this type of currency, do not worry, in this tutorial we will tell you everything in detail.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

What are blue specks for?

Basically the blue specks are about the main currency League of Legends: Wild Rift that you will gradually get by playing. It’s a coin totally free which will be essential to unlock all the champions that are available, with a price of 5,500 blue specks each, so you will need a fairly high amount to get all of them. Mainly it all comes down to playing and playing. Blue specks are often obtained and they are always free.

Ways to get blue specks in Wild Rift

To specify a little more, here below we leave you the methods for which you get blue specks.

The first win of the day is always important

  • It is important to emphasize that the first victory of each day has extra prize.
  • You will get blue specks, up to an additional 200, for the first victory of the day.
  • This daily mission restarts every day at 00:00 Spanish time.

Also, of course, do not hesitate to continue playing games Since for each one you get blue specks at the end (even if you lose against your rivals).

blue specks wild rift missions

Earn blue specks by completing missions

One of the most efficient ways to get blue specks is completing missions. Remember that you can complete weekly missions that propose various challenges, they are usually simple like showing your support to another player at the end of a game, giving a like to their performance. Or classic challenges like dealing a certain amount of damage or getting gold in the game. When you have done them don’t forget to claim the rewards (These missions restart every Monday at 00:00 UTC).

On the other hand, you can also complete challenge missions. You will receive 3 new random challenge missions daily until you arrive to the limit of 9 active. Your goals will suggest you do something in the game, but if you don’t like you can change them (you have up to 3 challenge mission changes daily). Each of these missions can provide around 20 or 40 blue specks.

Earning blue spots for events

In an effort to ensure that Wild Rift has an almost daily playable frequency, from time to time Riot Games will enable special events which in turn will have their corresponding missions along with their rewards, among which there will be no shortage of blue specks.

  • The events Presents are often also another way to earn more blue specks.
  • These have a temporary availability and Riot adds new ones as the weeks go by.
  • Each event proposes different challenges and missions, so do not hesitate to complete them to claim more rewards.

Earn Blue Specks in Weekly Chests

Do not forget that every week too we have special reward chests. These chests are unlocked as we obtain different amounts of weekly points and inside we can earn rewards such as blue specks, so it is a great way to get more.

  • First weekly chest: can be opened by accumulating 120 points per week (includes 150 blue spots).
  • Second weekly chest: can be opened by accumulating 240 points per week (includes 175 blue spots).
  • Third weekly chest: can be opened by accumulating 400 points per week (includes 200 blue spots).

weekly chests blue specks wild rift

As you complete missions do not forget to claim your chests. Remember that these are reset every Monday at 00:00 Spanish time, therefore, open them before that moment or you will lose the ones that you have not requested.