How to get before a lightning rainbow

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The puzzles that we must solve are in the purest style of Candy Crash Sagacombining chips of the same type to remove each and every one of the that we have on the screen of the level. And certainly there is a way to eliminate them much more quickly, creating rays rainbow and bombs, or rather, I’ll show you how we can get the first element.

What is the lightning bolt, rainbow, and what it is used for pumps

Lightning rainbow is a white ball that is unlike the rest of fruits on the board. It is a help in the game, which is achieved through the activation of the explosive within the screen, and that if he got together with a piece, will delete all that have the same color.gardenscapes how to activate bombs

And how do you activate these explosives? It is there when they enter in scene the pumps. Thanks to them, we fill the bar to unlock these rays. Of us will depend on if you fill them with more speed or less, since there are several categories of these pumps: rocket, bomb, dynamite, and TNT, being from lowest to highest power. To get them, we need to take a combination of 4, 5, 6 and 7 pieces, respectively.

How to get a ray rainbow simple

This way, you can get several types of ray rainbow, which we will show below. As we said above, we must activate pumps to fill that bar. That is, choose a fruit close to the explosive, no matter what it is, and automatically it will trigger to explode. Or even, merge bombs between themselves for a greater impact, this will activate long before a bolt of lightning, rainbow.

How to get a dual-beam rainbow

But wait, that still can get more rays. If we play with patience, we can have them on the same board and at the same time, and not only that, but it is possible to combine them among themselves to eliminate almost completely the parts that you have in the level. However, we must keep in mind that the lightning the rainbow is generated in the site of the last explosionso there’s that spinning very fine for both rays coincide in boxes are correlated.gardenscapes how to get dual-beam rainbow

There are two ways to achieve this great movement. The first of them is that, when we see the first of them, hold and keep it all the time as possible, while we try to generate the second white circle in another part of the board, to not spend it unnecessarily. The second way to achieve such a combination, is that right at the start of the game, use the ‘Wildcard Lightning Rainbow’what will give us the half of the work done, although it is not something that is going to be available forever in the game.

Tips for not desperdiciarlos

There are some guidelines for the proper use of these rays in rainbow and not to throw them overboard to the light. One of them is very related to something that we have discussed previously, and that is that we can not use this resource cheerfully as soon as we appear for the first time. We must preserve everything possible, not only by combining it with another beam, but for having it available when you have a fruit dominate the board, since otherwise we will not be able to delete too many parts.


Another tip we recommend to carry out is that, unlike what may happen in other games, is that in Gardenscapes, there are a few objectives for each level. That marker that we have left of our screen is not a mere propriety, but that marks the goal to pass the level. In this way, we must use the x-ray rainbow to get parts that check the level, and not use for personal challenges.