how to get a refund for an application

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Getting a refund for an application purchased on the Google Play Store is possible. Sometimes, we cracked a little impulsively for an Android application that turns out to be very disappointing. To get your money back immediately and without justification, you have a 2 hour withdrawal period if you live in the EU. We explain the maneuver from A to Z.

Refund on the Google Play Store

First of all you should know that Google Play Store has several refund policies. For applications and games, it is possible to make an immediate refund request within 2 hours following the purchase. You don’t have to justify yourself and the refund is instantaneous.

Google Play Store refund conditions

After the two-hour deadline, Google is ambiguous about the possibilities offered. However, it is still possible to request a refund after the withdrawal period. You will be asked for a good justification. For example because the application does not work or does not match the publisher’s description.

For other types of purchase, the withdrawal periods are different. You have a period of 7 days for books, Google Play Movies and TV content, provided you haven’t started reading them. For digital services such as purchasing a storage service, for example, you have the option of requesting a refund within 14 days.

Finally the third possibility is that of request a refund directly from the developer, especially if you are out of time.

You have just purchased an app from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately the latter does not suit you or then works poorly on your smartphone, do not panic you can get reimbursed within two hours without justification.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone
  • Go to the application page that you want to be reimbursed
  • Tap Refund
  • Confirm by pressing yes
  • That’s done. The application will be immediately uninstalled.
google play store refund app

In the following minutes you will have confirmation of the refund. Once again we repeat this method only works within 2 minutes after purchasing an app. Be aware that you cannot return an app or game and get his reimbursement only once. If you buy it again, no refund will be given.

The method is a little different. If you missed the opportunity to request a refund within two hours, you can still make up for it. Google doesn’t say until when for games and apps, but this period is up to 14 days for digital services.

To request a refund, you will have to fill in this form. In the latter, several information will be requested, including the reason for reimbursement. Because yes, this method also works to get reimbursed for an in-app purchase or a monthly subscription to an application.

After, Google asks you how to contact you, it is better to select by call, because it will be faster. The study of the request usually takes less than a day. If your request is accepted, the reimbursement period also varies according to the payment method (Google will reimburse you according to the means used for the purchase). To find out the reimbursement times according to your payment method, go to this page.

Finally, last case, if you exceed the 14-day deadline or have a problem with an application, you can do so a refund request directly from the developer, it will be up to him to decide whether or not he accepts the reimbursement.

To do this go to the application page, then at the bottom in the details is the developer’s email, copy it then send an email with the reasons for the refund. The duration of the treatment will really depend on the developer, for large developers it can take a few minutes for small ones several days.

I hope this little tutorial will be useful for you to get a refund for an application or an in-app purchase. And if not, have you ever sought a refund from the Google Play Store? Have you encountered any issues with these few systems?

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