How to fuse all weapons in this roguelike

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Table of Contents

The weapons in a roguelike like Soul Knight are the fundamental pillar of this game to overcome levels and eliminate enemies. Without them, we can do absolutely nothing. A way to improve them or to use those that we do not use, we can fuse weapons in Soul Knight in a simpler way than you think.

You can always learn new things, new ways to improve while we play and thus pass the levels in an easier way. More specifically if we try to merge weapons, which improves our inventory. So, we are going to show what mergers are about and how we can do them, in addition to all the ones that can be created.

Soul knight
Soul knight

What are Soul Knight’s weapon fusions?

The Weapons Fusion It is an option that can be given in Soul Knight after we start playing at level 1-1, that is, it cannot be given in the Living Room or any other side that is connected to it.

fuse weapons soul knight knives


  • The main function of this option is to use compatible weapons to obtain a new one, this new weapon can offer less energy, more attack, more critical chance, etc …
  • Decrease the number of weapons equipped.
  • Increase the destructive ability of the player.

How to do gun fusions

Once you have the compatible weapons in your inventory, a extra button above our attack button, pressing the weapons will mix giving rise to a new one. To do this we need a weapon on the ground and one equipped, because if we have both equipped we will not be able to fuse them.

  1. In this case, I am going to make the weapon «Polar fox gold slashes» tremendous name that they gave it. We look for the recipe and it is made with vintage Zorro + the M4.
  2. We create the weapons and enter the dungeon
  3. When we are in game we have to go through some rooms and look for a weapon chest
  4. When we find it, we change one of the two weapons for the one on the ground
  5. When we press it, it will do a fusion and we get the fused weapon in this case

fuse weapons soul knight smg

All mergers

The possibilities to fuse weapons in Soul Knight are so wide that we need a separate section to expose them all. It’s a very cool feature, so we recommend taking a look.

  • Polar Fox L + Polar Fox L = Polar Fox XL
  • Polar Fox XL + Polar Fox XL= Polar Fox XXL
  • Polar Fox XXL + Polar Fox XXL = Polar Fox XXXL
  • Green Lightsaber + Red Lightsaber + Blue Lightsaber = Gold Lightsaber
  • Reusable Health Potion + Reusable Energy Potion = Reusable Potion of Recovery.
  • Furnace + Glacier = Aurora
  • Next-Generation SMG + Next-Generation SMG = Next-Next-Generation SMG
  • Next-Next-Generation SMG + Next-Next-Generation SMG = Next-Next-Next-Generation SMG
  • Next-Next-Generation SMG + Next-Next-Generation SMG = Super Next Generation SMG.
  • Electric Ninja Star + Electric Ninja Star = Quantum Ninja Star
  • Bad Gun + Bad Gun + Bad Gun + Bad Gun = Fantastic Weapon.
  • Frost Eagle + Flame Eagle = Eagle of ice and fire.
  • M4 Shotgun + Desert Eagle / Frost Eagle / Flame Eagle / Plasma Eagle / Poison Eagle / Ice and Fire Eagle x2 (without repeating the same Eagle / Ágila) = Weeping Eagle
  • Vintage Polar Fox + M4 Shotgun = Rose Gold Polar Fox.
  • Broken Hilt + Damaged Blade = Reforged Holy Sword.
  • Bow of Fire + Bow of Ice + Bow of Jade = Bow of Stars.
  • Crossbow + Crossbow = Crossbow Plus.
  • Bow / Strong Bow + Bow / Strong Bow = Bow Plus.
  • Hero Bow + Wind Force = Magic Bow.
  • Assault Rifle Pro + Assault Rifle Pro = Assault Rifle Pro +.
  • Knight’s Fist + RYB Assault Rifle = Rainbow.
  • Knight’s Fist + Lightning Staff = Fist of Heaven.
  • Electrical Therapy + Laser Therapy = Double Therapy
  • Rainbow + Gatling Gun = Rainbow Gatling Gun
  • Red tag + green tag = Salamander
  • Wooden stick + Onions = Staff of nature.
  • Gallows + Tidal Staff = Trident
  • Butcher Knife + Sniper / Old Rifle = Bayonet Rifle
  • Assault Rifle Pro + Judge/Referee/ Judge’s Ice Bash = Elite Assault Rifle
  • Ninja Star Plus + Ninja Star Plus = Wind Force Ninja Star
  • Sword of Frost + Sword of Fire = Sword of Thunder
  • smg m3 + smg m3 = smg m4 (I recommend trying it is interesting)
  • Barbed Knives + Alien eagle = Eagle Barbed Knives
  • Judge + Judge = Laser Shotgun
  • Red laser sword + Blue laser sword = Purple laser sword
  • Polar Fox L + Crossbow = Gray Fox
  • Plasma eagle + Alien eagle = Plasma alien eagle
  • Green Crottle + Divider Cannon = Viper
  • Bazooka + Glacier = Ice Bazooka