How to fully customize the volume controls of your Android mobile

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What doesn’t convince the aspect of the volume controls of your Android? Because there is an application that will help you to customize it to your liking: Volume Styles. Changes the color of the backgrounds, the look of the iconsvary the design of the sliders and much more: the possibilities of the app are immense.

One of the advantages of Android is that the system is highly customizable. In fact, anyone can get your mobile it seems completely to another brand, or offer a design completely uniqueit is then just a matter of choosing the appropriate applications. Volume Styles is a great example: with this app personalization you can change radically the appearance of the volume controls. From mimic of MIUI that includes Android Stock; passing by a multitude of custom styles, you choose.

Huge potential and easy customization

Customize Controls-Volume

Volume Styles provides a huge set of tools that enable the customization of volume controls in a multitude of ways. Nothing more start the application you will be able to choose the style of the design, select the color combinations, what will be the size of the buttons, choose where to appear and to place more controls apart from the volume. For example, do you want another way to manage the brightness of the screen? Place your setting on the volume controls and you’ll be able to alter it from there.

The application makes use of the accessibility services for some of its functions, also requires the permission of ‘do Not disturb’ and get access to change the settings of Android, nothing unusual for an app of its style. Once obtained the permits, and commissioning the customization chosen, simply click on any of the volume buttons to display the menu set up. Click on the arrow icon and it will display the controls to their full extent.

Customize Controls-Volume Examples of customization with Volume Styles

The app works great and without any complications, at least according to our tests. It is free, does not include ads and offers most of their no cost options. Do you want to access all of the customizations? You can get the Premium service with an in-app purchase of 1,89 € yes, Volume Styles is more than suitable without any purchase.

We have been surprised of the enormous possibilities of the Volume Styles and is perfect for those who wish to customize the maximum your phone. Do you want to try it? As you already know: it is available in the Google Play Store.

Volume Styles

Volume Styles

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How to fully customize the volume controls of your Android mobile

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How to fully customize the volume controls of your Android mobile 1

How to fully customize the volume controls of your Android mobile 2