How to fully customize the ‘Share’ menu of the Samsung Galaxy

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With Good Lock Home Up you may fully customize the share menu of your Samsung Galaxy. Choose the applications you prefer, the different actions of these apps and even the contacts to whom you send the most content. And save yourself a lot of time when it comes to sharing anything.

After expanding Good Lock to many more countries, which includes SpainSamsung is stepping on the gas when it comes to modules for the app. There is the new Keys Cafe, a module that allows customize the Samsung keyboard to the extreme. And an update to Home Up, the Good Lock app that allows One UI customization, has added a succulent improvement: thoroughly editing the share menu. With it, remarkable speed is added when it comes to sending content to someone.

Edit the share menu as you prefer

Share Samsung Galaxy Good Lock

The menu we are talking about is the one that appears in most applications when you click on the typical share icon. This menu usually has an automatic operation since it is the phone that chooses the most popular apps and contacts: incorporating them in the first position speeds up shipping. Although of course, that you have shared messages with a person does not mean that you will always do it.

Home Up is a Good Lock module that enables interface customization on Samsung Galaxy. After allowing desktop and folder editing now has introduced share menu customization. And the process is as simple as it is versatile:

  • Install the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store if you didn’t already have it on your mobile.
  • Open Good Lock and install the Home Up module.
  • Click on Home Up, wait for it to start and look at the ‘Share Manager’ option. Click there.
  • Here you can customize if the information about what you share appears and if it includes ‘Share with Nearby’ in the first position.
  • If you enable ‘Direct Share’ you can choose the contacts that will appear in the first positions. For example, if you usually share content with a WhatsApp group, you can choose it to save steps, also if you send direct messages to the same Instagram or Twitter contacts. You can customize the contacts in ‘Add Favorite Direct Share‘.
Share Samsung Galaxy Good Lock Choose the preferred contacts of your applications (left) and the apps and actions of these apps that you prefer (center and right)
  • Since you will always have preferred applications, you can organize them with the option ‘Select Share Applications‘. Choose WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail … To your liking. In this way, it will not be the system that suggests the most important ones since your favorite apps will always appear. And every time you choose a Home Up app it will give you the option to incorporate all your actions or just the ones you normally use.
  • It is recommended to activate the option ‘Add an icon to reveal hidden apps‘in order to have the option to share content with any app. The ‘All apps’ icon appears in the share menu.
Share Samsung Galaxy Good Lock 4 By checking this option, access to all applications will appear

With Home Up you can organize the share menu as you wish. Choose your favorite apps, favorite contacts, which app actions are most useful to you and put together a quick menu to save you many steps, also time. Home Up adds a remarkable dose of customization to the Samsung Galaxy.

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How to fully customize the ‘Share’ menu of the Samsung Galaxy

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