How to free up space on Google by deleting emails from Gmail

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Table of Contents

One way to free up this storage space is to clean up emails that take up a lot of space and you no longer need. One detail that we do not take into account is that there are emails that weigh more than others, especially if they include image files or documents, so we are going to show how to find these heavy emails in Gmail and delete them, to free up shared Google storage space.


What emails can we delete in Gmail

Although each email has its own size, depending on its content, Gmail does not display clearly neither in the web version, nor of course, neither in the app. One way to know how much a specific email occupies is to download it in .eml format from the Gmail website, or to use an email client that shows this data, on a PC, although we don’t think it is necessary to use it.

And although there is no advanced search engine in the Gmail mobile application, we can do a search for find the emails that take up the most space. In the web version of Gmail, it can be done visually with the complete search engine it has.

How to free up space on Google

It is true, we have just written that the Gmail app does not offer us many possibilities to search for that specific type of email. However, the special search commands still work. That is, we can do searches for find emails that occupy more than a certain size, such as 5 megabytes. The search parameter is as follows: larger:5M, changing the number for the amount of megabytes we want.

First, you have to know how to place your search in the appropriate folder, and there are quite a few in the Gmail interface. Anyway, whatever the folder, we are going to do the following:

  • Let’s go to the All folder Gmail, so that the search includes all emails regardless of what folder they are in.

free up space google search gmail

  • Then enter the command in the search bar as normal.
  • The search will return you as results all emails that occupy more than you have specified. Usually these will be emails with attachments or that have a lot of uncompressed images in the content.

free up space google mails gmail

  • Finally, we are going to select the emails that we do not need and, therefore, that we want to delete, tapping on the avatar to select them and then pressing the trash button. If we regret it, you can undo the deletion immediately. Although we can also carry out other actions, such as snooze, silence or mark as spam.