How to format an Android mobile to leave it out of the box

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Table of Contents

Factory reset a device and format it It can be useful if you are going to get rid of it, if its operation is not correct or if it has been blocked. Throughout this guide, we propose some ways that will help you delete all the data from your Android mobile and allow you to return it to its original state.

How to format a mobile from the Android settings

The first method is the simplest. You just have to open the settings application of your device and locate the section System.

System optionsSystem options

Now, select the option Reset options.

Reset deviceReset device

Click on Erase all data (factory reset).

Restore factory settingsRestore factory settings

Finally, confirm with the button Erase all data.

Delete all dataDelete all data

It is important that, before deleting all the data, you check that you have made a security copy your photos and videos, your documents or any other important file. Otherwise, you will have lost that information forever.

How to format a mobile with Android if it is locked or if it does not turn on

When your device is not working properly and cannot start the system, it is possible to restore factory settings using recovery tools, commonly known as Recovery. This set of utilities is stored on a different partition than the operating system and, for that reason, it can be run even when the operating system has stopped working.

Accessing the recovery partition is very easy. You just have to know the necessary key combination for your device. In general, with the mobile turned off, just press and hold the power button and volume up button. However, in some terminals the volume down button is used. In any case, doing a quick search on the Internet you can verify the correct method to access the Recovery from your mobile.

Once you have accessed the recovery, locate an option similar to Wipe data or Factory Reset. Running it removes the partition Data, where the user data is located. Each Recovery is different and your options depend on the make and model. Here is the process done with TWRP, a popular recovery system that replaces the factory one. First, click on Wipe.

Open Wipe in TWRPOpen Wipe in TWRP

So, swipe right over Swipe to Factory Reset to delete all Android data.

Slide to start resetSlide to start reset

This option in no case formats the system partition. However, make sure you have a backup copy of your files because when you finish you will not be able to recover any.

How to format an Android mobile using fastboot on a PC

In extreme cases, it is possible to erase the content of an Android device using a PC or a Mac. For this, you will need to have your terminal drivers installed on the computer, easily located on the network, and a reduced version of ADB and Fastboot , called Minimal ADB and Fastboot, which you can download from Malavida.

Then, access the settings of your Android mobile and go to the section About phone.

Phone dataPhone data

Tap on Build number repeatedly to activate developer options.

Enable developer optionsEnable developer options

So go to System and, once inside, click on Developer options.

Developer optionsDeveloper options

Activate the setting USB Debugging.

Enable USB debuggingEnable USB debugging

Now you must restart your device in mode Fastboot. Again, the key combination to access this function is different and depends on the make and model. In our case, we accessed Fastboot combining the power button and the volume down button.

Once inside, open ADB in the Windows command console, connect your device via USB and use these three commands:

  • Fastboot erase cache. Delete all the data from the cache.
  • Fastbook erase userdata. Delete all data from partition Data.
  • Fasboot reboot. Restart the device and start the system.

If everything has gone well, when the system starts, you will find yourself in the initial Android screen, ready to be configured from scratch.