How to fix WaasMedic Agent Exe high disk usage?

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Problem: How to fix WaasMedic Agent Exe high disk usage?

Hi, I recently started having a problem with my Windows 10 laptop. I have noticed that it has started to slow down than normal – sometimes it takes minutes to load the browser, for example. I have opened the Task Manager and I have noticed that my memory usage is 100% and most of it is taken over by WaasMedic Agent Exe. What is WaasMedic Agent Exe, and why does it take so much memory? I need help urgently!

Resolved answer

If you open your Task Manager, you will see that there are a dozen lines of processes running every time your computer is on – this is absolutely normal. WaasMedic Agent Exe is one such process and it is based on the Windows Update Medic service.

Initially, one may think that it is a holdover from some kind of third-party program, but it is not the case. WaasMedic Agent Exe is part of the Windows 10 operating system and performs an important role in its environment. The main objective of this service is to ensure that Windows Update processes run cleanly and without interruptions so that users can receive the latest patches without problems.

To be more precise, even if the main Windows Update services are shut down for some reason (for example, malware can interfere with the normal functions of the operating system and prevent it from updating), WaasMedic Agent Exe will be responsible for remediating the components. relevant immediately.

Windows services should take up resources when their use is relevant (in this case, when the update process is running) and should be practically unnoticed when not in use. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan, and many users have started to complain about high disk consumption by WaasMedic Agent Exe on some random occasions.

How to fix WaasMedic Agent Exe high disk usage?

If this is your case, of course you should not tolerate it. Since the Windows Update Medic service is a legitimate part of the operating system, disabling it may not be that straightforward, although we will provide a few solutions below.

If you are looking for a quick solution to the high memory consumption by WaasMedic Agent Exe, we recommend that you first check your PC with a repair application such as ReimageMac Washing Machine X9as it can find and eliminate various Windows problems in a few minutes automatically.

Option 1. Disable or uninstall your antivirus

Since the main role of Windows Update Medic is to prevent system files from being tampered with, some security applications may not be supported due to various reasons. Therefore, if you have a high disk consumption based on this process, you should try to uninstall your third-party anti-virus and see if this helps you solve the problem.

Of course, if you have a paid license for some anti-malware program, you should be able to continue using it. If disabling your anti-malware hasn’t helped you fix WaasMedic Agent Exe’s high memory usage, you should try other solutions that we provide below. Or you can switch to a different anti-malware.

Option 2. Disconnect Pluggable Controllers [solución alternativa]

As the title suggests, this is more of a patch than a fix as such. Due to unknown reasons, it appears that the process may not be working as presented and takes a lot of disk usage. If this is the case for you, you should temporarily unplug your unpluggable controllers (for example, external hard drives or USB drives) and see if this works for you.

How to fix WaasMedic Agent Exe high disk usage?

Option 3. Use the Disk Cleanup feature

In some cases, the problem may be caused by insufficient space on your hard drive. Therefore, we recommend that you use Disk Cleanup to get rid of useless temporary files.

  • Write Disc Cleaning in Windows search and press Enter
  • Choose your main disk (C: default)
  • Choose Temporary files from the list by clicking on the boxes and then clicking on Clean system files.How to fix WaasMedic Agent Exe high disk usage?
  • When the new window appears, choose the disk C: again.
  • Select the files you want to delete and click on To accept.

Note: If you select to delete the Windows update files, you will not be able to recover the previous version of Windows.

Option 4. Pause Windows updates

It is not uncommon for Windows Update to fail to install the necessary files. If this occurs, the operating system provides an error message (for example, We couldn’t connect to the update service, 0x80242016, or 0x80070020) or just try re-installing later. Due to these errors and attempts to reinstall, the Windows Update Magic service can be resource intensive.

Therefore, you can simply pause all Windows updates and only undo the action when you want the update to start. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Right click on Start and select Setting
  • Go to the section Updates and Security
  • In the narrow part of the window, select Pause updates for 7 daysPause Windows updates
  • Your updates will be paused for 7 days or until you click Re-enable updates sometime.

Option 5. Disable WaasMedic Agent Exe to fix high disk consumption [no recomendado]

If you try to disable the WaasMedic Agent Exe service manually, you will receive an “Access Denied” error. This is not uncommon – Windows simply defends the services it deems necessary.

That being said, while turning off Windows-related services is not recommended, it is not impossible. To do this, however, we must download a third-party program.

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