How to fix touch ghost on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10

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Each generation of mobile has a-line design is quite established and 2020 is not an exception. If you look in front of a OnePlus 8 Pro, a Xiaomi Mi 10, a OPPO Find X2 Pro or Huawei P40 Pro all have in common a perforation in the upper-left corner for the camera, but also a screen is quite curved at the sides higher.

This kind of displays the craze was Samsung makes several generations with its terminal Edge. The first was a Note, but mostly became famous in the Galaxy S.

However, in 2020 the Korean company has decided to go back to his origins and has banished this type of screens in the Galaxy S20, at the same time that the vast majority of rivals, the hugged him.

How to fix touch ghost on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10 1

The Galaxy S20 lose their curves

But not all have been implemented in the same way. One of the main problems of this type of screens is that when you grabbing the phone with one hand it is possible that we make beats involuntary in the area where you curve. This causes it to activate certain elements of the interface in some cases, such as when we are lying in bed using mobile phone at night.

Xiaomi Mi 10

If I’m honest, in the vast majority of models that I have tested this has not been an inconvenience at all, but if I found something frustrating in the Xiaomi Mi 10. Fortunately, it seems that the company is aware of this and has introduced a setting in the interface of the device to solve this problem.

How to fix touch ghost on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10

If the use in the day to day of your Xiaomi Mi 10 or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is clouded by these accidental key presses you can change the sensitivity of that area in the settings. To do this we need to:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Go to the section of the additional Settings.
  • Ignore extra touches at the edges.
  • Customize.

How to fix touch ghost on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10 2

There you can choose the size of the area that will be more insensitive to touches. Eye, because this has a counterpart. If we use the gestures to control the interface of MIUI, instead of using the virtual buttons, it is possible that they respond better.

I advise you to calibréis the area to not be a problem and in the case that the gestures may not work as I would like, activéis the virtual buttons.

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