How to fix the twain_32.dll file error

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Before getting scared by the presence of the twain_32.dll file on our computer, we must know that it is a file that belongs to the system and should not be confused with a virus or Trojan. Next, we explain what this file consists of and what it is used for in Windows.

What is the Twain_32.dll File

Twain_32.dll is a file that is an integral part of Windows and contains information and instructions for working with executable EXE files. It is part of the software Twain_32 Source Manager and it deals mainly with the acquisition of images, being responsible for generating our registries and entries within the Windows Registry.

The software was created by the non-profit organization TWAIN and is generally located in the folder C: / Windows. Its goal is to streamline communication between imaging devices such as scanners, which are used to scan an image and convert it to a digital image.

It is also possible to find a folder named twain_32 where all kinds of information about our printer’s scanners and drivers are stored within the operating system. That is why it is important that we do not move or delete this folder as it can cause operating problems on our computer.

The twain_32.dll process it is a safe file which allows the system and linked softwares to run smoothly. However, if we use insecure third-party programs, they could download an unwanted file such as twain_32.dll, so it is important to always keep Windows updated with the latest available patches.

Fix this dll file error

Sometimes the system may show an error related to the twain_32.dll process. The most common errors are “Cannot access the address: twain_32.dll”, “Twain_32.dll not found” or “The file twain_32.dll is missing or damaged”. In the event that any of these errors appear, we are going to show you some methods that we have available to be able to solve it from the operating system itself.

Copy twain_32.dll from WinSxS folder

To correct any errors related to this file, the best option is to copy it back from the WinSxS folder in Windows to its current location. To do this, the first thing we must do is open the File Explorer and navigate to the path

C: / Windows / WinSxS / x86_microsoft-windows-w..omponents.resources…

Find twin_32 file in Windows

We double click on the folder x86_microsoft-windows-w..omponents.resources… and inside we will find the file twain_32.dll. Click on it with the right button and click on «Copy» within the contextual menu. Now we go back to the C: / Windows folder and paste it. Finally, we reboot the system and Windows 10 should not show any error message twain_32.dll.

Update the drivers

The reason why we encounter errors related to the twain file may be caused by the presence of corrupt drivers on our device. That is why to solve the problem it will be enough to update those that present problems.

This is something we can do from the Device Manager, accessing it by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Windows + X” and selecting it from the list. Once in the window we must look for any device that appears marked in yellow. This tells us that there is a problem with the device driver. Next, we right-click on the device and select the option “Update driver”.

Update Intel USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Driver - 1.10

This will open a new window where we will choose the first option «Search for drivers automatically». We can also choose to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website and use the “Browse my PC for drivers” option to update them manually. Once finished, we restart the system and verify that the error has disappeared.

Run the system file checker

In order to restore the damaged or missing twain_32.dll file we can use the system file checker. For this we can use the sfc command, a system file buyer that takes care of scanning all protected system files and automatically repairing any problematic system files. We can run it using the Command Prompt tool.

When opening the Command Prompt we write cmd in the search box of the Start menu and select to run as administrator. Once the Command Prompt window appears, we must copy the following command:

sfc/ scannow

Sfc command prompt

We press Enter and it will start to run. This work can take a long period of time so we must wait until the tool completes completely. Once finished, we restart Windows and check if the problem has been solved.

Perform a safe system boot

If we still cannot solve the error, we can try to perform a safe boot of the system, for which it will be necessary that we have logged in as an administrator. We press the keyboard shortcut «Windows + R», we write msconfig and press Enter.

This will open a “System Configuration” window. We click on the “Services” tab and select “Hide all Microsoft services.”

Hide all Microsoft services

Later we click on the “Windows Start” tab and select “Open the Task Manager”. For each starting element we select them and press «Disable». We close the task manager and restart the system.

Disable startup applications

Restore Windows to a previous version

If none of the above has worked and an error related to twain_32.dll continues to appear, we can try restore windows to a version prior to the appearance of this error. We must know that when we go back to a previous version of Windows we do not have to lose our data. This is so because the wizard itself when restoring will offer us the possibility of maintaining them.

To do this we must write system restore in the search box of the Start menu and select “Recovery”. In the new window we select “Open System Restore”, so that it undoes the changes made recently in the system, but without modifying the documents, the images or the music.

Open restore Sistem

This will bring up the wizard from where we can access the latest available recovery date where there was no error related to the twain_32.dll file. After the system is restored, the computer will restart and the error should disappear.

Restore the system to a previous version