How to fix the most common Twitter problems on Android

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Twitter is a well-known social network among users in Spain. Many use the app on their Android phones, which has been updated with many features over the past few months, such as the introduction of dark mode in it. As with other applications on Android, it is common for it to suffer some operational problems.

There are certain problems on Twitter that are frequent, but that we can solve at any time in a simple way. For this reason, below we will tell you which are the most common problems and their solutions, since it is likely that you will face one of them on occasion.

Twitter won’t open

How to fix the most common Twitter problems on Android 1

One of the most common problems with any application on Android is that it does not open. It has happened to most of us, not only with Twitter, that when trying to open an application on the phone, said application does not open. If this happens, there are a number of solutions to try:

  • Kill the app and reopen it: It may be a temporary failure when opening it, so go to the recent apps menu and close the application there. Try to open it again after a few seconds.
  • Clear cache: A solution that in many cases works well, although it is not much discussed. In the Applications section you have to search for Twitter, enter it and in the Storage section we have the possibility of clearing its cache. Then try opening the app again.
  • Reboot phone: Another solution repeated thousands of times, but it works. If you can’t open the app, restart your phone and then try again.
  • Upgrade: If you have updated the application recently, this new version may have caused the crash, so you can go back to a previous version. It may also be that you need to update the app to a new version, as it is a bug in the current version.

No load


You may have been able to open the Twitter app on Android, but let nothing load. You cannot view the news feed or the feed opens in a previous state, showing the same content as when you last entered the application. If the app doesn’t load, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Twitter is down?: The application can crash sometimes, so it does not work or load. Whenever this happens, you can check if it has fallen and thus know if this is the cause.
  • Internet connection: Another cause may be that your Internet connection does not work correctly, so the app does not load. Check if so, both your mobile data and WiFi connection.

Twitter slammed

How to fix the most common Twitter problems on Android 2

This is a problem that has occurred multiple times on Twitter for Android, the latest one earlier this year. For many users it will be something known, since on more than one occasion they have faced this problem. If this happens, the solutions to try are:

  • Upgrade: Many times it is the result of an application update. So you can try reverting to a previous version of it, so that it will work normally again, without suddenly closing. Also wait to receive a new update that fixes the bug.
  • Clear cache: A solution that has worked for many users to solve this error is to clear the application cache. Doing so puts an end to this unexpected and sudden application closure on Android.

Notifications don’t work

Twitter finally adds completely dark mode to Android

Another common problem with these applications is notifications, which may stop working at a certain time. This is another Twitter glitch that has happened to many on occasion. Luckily, there are a number of solutions that we can try in these cases.

  • Notifications blocked: It could happen that you have blocked Twitter notifications on your phone, completely, so that it cannot send any. In the Notifications section you can see if this is the case and if you have deactivated or blocked them, activate them again.
  • Notifications in the app: You may have configured notifications in a different way in the settings of the application itself, disabling most of them, for example. Check if this is so, to find out in doubt.
  • Battery saving: If you have some type of battery saving activated on your mobile, notifications are usually blocked or limited, so it could be the cause in this case.
  • Do not bother: You may have Do Not Disturb Mode activated, making the application unable to send notifications on Android. In the settings you can see if you have it activated yet.
  • Upgrade: If you have recently updated the application, a bug in it could be preventing notifications from being issued, so you can go back to a previous version. It may also be the case that you need to update the app to a new version, since it is the current one that causes problems.
  • Data saving: If you have data saving on your phone activated, some functions such as application notifications are limited. Disabling it should send notifications again.

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