How to fix the failure of the Xiaomi Mi Band caused by Mi Fit

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Xiaomi launched the last an update to the Mi Fit app, the application used to pair Mi Band bracelets with phones. An update that was also launched in Spain, but that is causing problems. The main problem is that it is causing inconsistencies between the data collected by the bracelet.

Due to it, many users are reporting problems with your Xiaomi Mi Band, in its various generations. Also users in Spain are having this problem. Although there is a temporary solution that can help, until Xiaomi fixes this bug in Mi Fit soon.

Fix the bug in the Xiaomi Mi Band

How to fix the failure of the Xiaomi Mi Band caused by Mi Fit 1

Due to this bug in the Mi Fit app, the data collected by it is not being displayed. Therefore, the history is empty in many cases, or a large amount of data is missing from it. While waiting for Xiaomi to launch an update, users with any of the brand’s Mi Band can resort to a temporary solution, which will at least allow them to have data on their physical activity.

You can download the Amazfit application, which is identical to the Mi Fit application, now called Zepp, as we already told you. The application is renamed after Huami’s purchase of Zepp, but its appearance and functions remain unchanged. When this application is downloaded, users can log into their account normally and then they will see on the screen the data that was not being shown so far in the Mi Fit app. The bracelet is now paired and you have access to all the data.

So you can continue using your Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet normally, without missing data, due to this error in My Fit. You can install the Amazfit application on your phone without having to delete the Mi Fit application, since a new update should be launched soon in which this error will be corrected. Although the brand itself has not said anything so far about this.

A simple temporary solution, but that will work well and that will allow you to keep having data about your physical activity at all times from the application, which will record everything you do with the bracelet.

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