How to fix the error ‘Application not installed’ on Android

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One of the positive things that has Android is how easy it is to install applications without having to necessarily pass by the Google Play. Of applications that are installed external to the official store we want to talk, as they sometimes show the error “application not installed”. What happened to you? Don’t worry, in this article we will try to give you the keys so you can fix it. Yes, before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify that there is no universal remedy to this error. Keep in mind that failures can be due to many causes, with solutions equally as different.

Review the basic

Before you throw us to solutions twisted or complicated, let us think always in the most simple: do you meet the requirements to install apps external? It never hurts to check it out, so we suggest that you review the following list of tasks:

  • Check that you have enabled the option to install apps from “unknown sources”. In older versions of Android you had to go to the path Settings > Security > device Administration > unknown Sourcesbut today the operating system asks you if you’re going to allow the app that you have downloaded or contains the APK in question is installed. Anyway, go to the settings of your phone, depending on the model, this option could be in the sections Apps or Security. Use the browser settings if you do not localizas.
  • The APK file might be corrupt. Download it and try again to install it again.
  • Verifies that the app in question is compatible with your version of Android.
  • Make sure you have enough free storage space on your terminal.
  • Checks if some other app already installed might conflict with that you intend to install.

Where is installed your apps?

Some applications can be installed directly on the SD card. For this to occur you should have previously activated the developer options, agreed to them and activated the option Force allow applications from external form or similar (it varies depending on the manufacturer)…

View SD card, SIM card and slot in a mobile phoneView SD card, SIM card and slot in a mobile phone

If you have done this and this option is enabled, it is possible that the failure in the installation come by here. Make sure this option is disabled and you try to dispense with the external memory as an extension of your primary storage (if you can) to see if the problem solves.

Another way that applications are installed is the internal memory is if you’ve formatted the SD card as part of the internal storage. In this case your external memory does not exist, but that there will be “merged” with your phone bring of series. If that is the case, remove the external memory and try reinstalling the app that gives you the error without using the SD card attached to your external storage.

Disable Google Play Protect

Android has a feature closely linked to the official store for apps called Google Play Protect that theoretically protects our device from potential apps dangerous. This excess of zeal in trying apps might block the installation of apps on your phone that are not from the store of a lifetime.

Disabling Google Play ProtectDisabling Google Play Protect

There are two shortcuts to the window to turn off Google Play Protect. Within the Android settings, in the section of Securityyou should see the section Google Play Protect. If indagas between your settings, you can disable scanning of the phone for apps dangerous. You can also get there from the Google Play Store, coming in the paragraph Play Protect that there is in the options menu.

Clean up the folder System and Data

Before discussing this solution, I should clarify that it will only serve you if you have root permissions, you have already tried to install the application and you have gone the error.

In general, as I said before, the normal thing is to try and reinstall the application. Before doing so, however, you have to eliminate all the residual files that the app that you have not been able to install has been able to leave on your operating system. To do this you will need a file browser special like Root Browser, with which you’ll have to go to the root of Android and from there to the folder System. There look for the folder that has the same name as the APK file that you have tried to install it, and delete it.

In addition to cleaning up any residue of Systemto clean , also residues of the folder Data (also found in the root). This way you ensure that the terminal does not have any “memory” of the previous installation.

Reset the applications preferences

If you’ve verified that the most basic thing is in order and you still have problems, it is possible that some application that you have installed may be creating a conflict with which you want to install. If so, reset the preferences of the apps it can be a solution. To do this go to Settings > Applications:

Apps menu of the Android settingsApps menu of the Android settings

There, tap the menu (upper right corner of the screen) and select Reset application preferences:

Variety of applicationsVariety of applications

The following message will appear warning you that it will remove any settings of your apps if you do. It is important to note that you won’t lose your personal data, but sessions started, settings, battery saving or notifications:

Warning message of the restoration of applicationsWarning message of the restoration of applications

Tap Reset applications to complete the process.

What if all this fails?

If, after you have fully explored these possibilities you still get the error, then you can begin to think in that the APK or the operating system have some failure. In this situation, you can proceed in one of two ways.

  • The first passes by make a hard reset. You will lose all your personal data, but when you leave the device with the factory settings you have the possibility that the error disappears. Yes, think well before if it is worth: nobody guarantees that the errors will be fixed.
  • The second implies that you put yourself in contact with the developer and explain your problem. As a general rule respond to all support requests, and may have a solution.