How to fix Runtime Error 91 in Windows?

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Problem: How to fix Runtime Error 91 in Windows?

I would like some help with an error message “Runtime Error 91: Object variable not set”. I see this message every time I open Word. It is just installed on my computer but everything was fine during the installation and I cannot understand why the error is appearing. Could you help me find the reason and fix this error, please?

Resolved answer

“Runtime Error 91: Object Variable Not Set” is a runtime error that can occur on all versions of Windows-based operating systems. It is a relatively common error and the main culprit is usually the COMCnfg.exe file, which is often used to configure permissions and configure more extensive system security settings.

When this file is corrupt or other problems appear, the program cannot function properly and Runtime Error 91 appears on the screen. However, there may be other reasons why the problem appears and we will explore all the methods that can help you fix “Runtime Error 91: Object variable not set”.

There are different scenarios in which the Runtime Error 91 error can appear, such as during the installation of a program, startup or shutdown, although some users may also see the error when they upgrade their Windows systems to a newer version. When the problem is detected for the first time it also determines the measures that need to be taken to fix Error 91 on the computer.

Runtime Error 91 on Windows

When the Runtime Error 91 occurs after installing a program, the reason why it occurs is related to problems with a software download link. Often times, Runtime Error 91 appears when this link is missing or broken. Also, this error is often followed by the error “Error 59999 – Application-defined or object-defined error.”

This last error can occur when generating an enhanced XML / CML report and is caused by insufficient permissions on the FRxXMLTag.XML file in the FRx directory. Therefore, in order to get rid of this problem, you need to fix this file.

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Method 1. Reinstall the problematic application

Variable problems can be caused by file corruption. In order to fix corrupted data within system files, users can run the built-in SFC check. However, this method will not work if the corrupted files are not from Windows but from an external application, even if none of those programs are running on the PC. Therefore, you should try to reinstall the problematic application that causes the Runtime Error 91.

  • Write Control Panel in the search bar and press Enter
  • Go to Programs> Uninstall a program
  • From the list, select the application, right click and choose UninstallReinstall the problematic app
  • Once done, reinstall the app and see if this helps you fix Runtime Error 91

Method 2. Update Windows

Runtime Error 91 can be related to the .NET Framework and Visual Basic, updates that are applied through Windows Updates. Therefore, make sure your Windows is up to date:

  • Right click on the button Start and choose Setting
  • Choose Updates and Security
  • Click on Check for updatesUpdate Windows
  • Wait until Windows download and install all required updates
  • Reboot your pc

Method 3. Check your computer for malware

Malware can cause all kinds of problems on your computer and also corrupt multiple files related to both the system and programs. Therefore, malware can be one of the factors that you are encountering the Runtime Error 91. To make sure that this is not the case, you should check your computer with a legitimate anti-malware program.

There are plenty of free third-party anti-malware solutions available online, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. However, you can also make use of Windows Defender (now known as Microsoft Defender) to run a full system scan to make sure no malicious files are present.

  • Click on the system tray arrow and double click on it Windows Security icon
  • Choose Protection against viruses and threats
  • Choose Check options under the Quick Check button
  • Select the option Full check and click on Check nowScan the PC for malware

Method 4. Configure DCOMCnfg.exe to allow it to be run by “Anyone”

  • Write DCOMCnfg.exe in the Windows search bar and press Enter
  • In the Component Services window, expand the following: Component Services> Computers> My Team
  • Right click on My team and select Properties
  • Select the tab COM security under Access permits choose Edit Limits
  • Choose Any from the groups and make sure the accesses Local Y Remote are configured to AllowConfigure DCOMCnfg.exe file

Method 5. Give full control to the FRxXMLTag.XML file

In case Runtime Error 91 is followed by Error 5999, you should perform the following steps:

  • Run Windows as administrator
  • In the Windows Explorer navigate to FRx directory
  • Right click on the file FRxXMLTag.XML and select Properties
  • When you are in Properties, click on the Security tab
  • In the Security tab, add the group Everyone / Any and select Full control
  • Click on To accept

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