How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen on Steam?

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Problem: How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen on Steam?

I have recently purchased Resident Evil Village on Steam and every time I try to open the game it just shows a black screen (looks like it’s going to boot) and then it just closes. It prevents me from accessing the game and I am quite frustrated. Any advice?

Resolved answer

Resident Evil Village was a highly anticipated horror game developed and released by video game studio Capcom. Released on May 7 on Xbox, PS4, and PC, it received a very positive response on Steam and hundreds of thousands of gamers purchased the game on their preferred platform.

The launch was generally a success, apart from the fact that some users had problems playing the game. Those who bought it through Steam said they couldn’t launch Resident Evil Village because it resulted in an immediate black screen and unexpected shutdown.

It is not uncommon for AAA games released to be problematic (we have observed this with Outriders, Cyberpunk 2077, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and others) and, while many of the crashes are based on game errors or server instability, sometimes the reason for unexpected shutdowns and other problems can be traced to the players’ PC settings.

Obviously, in a perfect world, every game should be playable as soon as it is purchased and installed on the system that meets its requirements, and blaming the consumer is not something that should be done in the first place. However, one must accept that games today are quite complicated, especially those that use ray tracing or 4K / 8K resolutions.

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

Obviously, the first thing you should do to fix Resident Evil Village crashes at startup is to update your graphics card drivers. Nvidia and AMD typically release game-ready drivers that enhance the experience immensely. Additionally, you should try to check the integrity of the game files or reinstall them again.

Below you will find several methods that should help you stop the annoying black screen and unexpected crashes when launching the game through Steam.

Solution 1. Update your GPU drivers

As we’ve previously mentioned, GPU drivers are not an imperative for the game to run smoothly – it reduces the number of bugs and can help prevent issues at launch. Although installing drivers through Device Manager may work fine for some devices, graphics drivers should always be downloaded from the hardware manufacturer’s website:

Downloading and installing drivers manually can be time-consuming and complicated for those with less computer knowledge. If you want a faster and more efficient solution, we recommend that you try DriverFix – you should be able to update all the drivers on your system with a simple click of a button.

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

Solution 2. Verify the integrity of the game files

  • Launch Steam and select Resident Evil Village from the games list
  • Right click on it and select Properties
  • Choose Local files on the left
  • Click on Verify integrity of game files

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

  • Wait for the process to finish.

Solution 3. Turn off the Steam overlay

You can disable the overlay globally on Steam:

  • Go to Steam> Parameters
  • Select section In the game
  • Here, uncheck the box for Enable the Steam overlay within the game and click on To accept

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

  • You can also disable the overlay for a particular game – just right-click on the game and select Properties> General> uncheck the box Enable Steam overlay within games.

Note: this also applies to other applications that use overlay, including Discord, GeForce Experience, Skype, etc. You can also make sure that these applications are not running when you try to launch the game, or you can go to settings and disable the overlay from there.

Solution 4. Try to start the game in windowed mode

Some games may not be able to run on some full-screen Windows configurations. Therefore, you should try to test the window mode settings – you can do it in the Steam settings:

  • On Steam, right click on the game and select Properties
  • Under the tab general, you should see Launch options
  • Writes -windows or -windowed (try both to see which one works)

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

  • Close the window and try to run the game.

Solution 5. Use a PC repair tool

Sometimes Windows may not work as expected due to various invisible issues, for example corrupt registry entries or missing DLL files. In order to quickly diagnose and fix PC problems, we recommend that you try to run a check with the repair program ReimageMac Washing Machine X9.

Solution 6. Reinstall the game

In some cases, a failed installation can cause constant unexpected game crashes. Therefore, you should try reinstalling the game. You can do it both through Steam and through the Control Panel or Applications and Features section. Remember that on Steam you will have to re-download and install the files (approximately 28GB), so it may take a while.

Solution 7. Install the Nvidia 268.81 driver [solución alternativa solo para tarjetas Nvidia]

In general, it is not recommended to do a roll-back of the drivers, but in some situations, it can be more than justifiable. Users stated that installing the version 368.81 helped them solve the problem. Before installing it, you should uninstall your current driver to avoid conflicts:

  • Right click on Start and select Applications and Features
  • Swipe until you find Nvidia Graphics Drivers
  • Choose Uninstall and confirm with Uninstall

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

  • Once done, reboot your PC, install the old driver and then restart again.

Solution 8. Turn off HDR

Some gamers said turning off HDR helped fix unexpected crashes (note that this setting is not available to everyone)

  • Right click on Start and select Setting
  • Go to System and then to the tab Screens
  • Swipe until you see the section of Windows HD Color
  • Turn it off by moving the selector to the left under Open games and apps in HDR.

How to fix Resident Evil Village black screen crash on Steam?

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