How to fix OpenGL error 1281?

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Problem: How to fix OpenGL error 1281?

Hello. Every time I open Minecraft, I get the OpenGL error 1281. It keeps popping up in the chat and I don’t know how to go about removing it. I don’t know what OpenGL does in Minecraft. Is there a particular problem that can be fixed in the game or am I doing something wrong?

Resolved answer

OpenGL error 1281 is common, and users on various platforms and online forums ask about the problem and the process itself. OpenGL is configured within the game, which makes it faster and tries to run more smoothly on the PC. When working with the Minecraft game, the process should reduce the rendering load directly on the operating system.

The OpenGL error 1281 in Minecraft is triggered by the option that should ensure that the game only renders through the GPU when direct player view is applied. This is why the error is frustrating users who come across the pop-up. There are other codes that can occur alongside the OpenGL error and all of them are solvable.

OpenGL error 1281 (invalid value) occurs in Minecraft and people don’t know what is happening or where to start. The option itself is to set it by default, so players can have improved performance. The main reason for the error is third party variables or modules running.

These concurrency or compatibility problems can be fixed. So don’t panic if you think your game is infected because it shows OpenGL error 1281 in Minecraft on the screen. There is nothing that is dangerous like malware that could be the reason why the error is popping up.

OpenGL error 1281 may be related to shaders – graphic settings that are mainly imported by the users themselves in the modded Minecraft. Corrupt or faulty configurations trigger the error. Also, sync problems, updates, old files can be triggers. Don’t forget about the use of Java in the game. If these Java requirements are installed automatically, the files may disappear, and OpenGL error 1281 appears.

Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 fix

How to fix OpenGL error 1281

The Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 is one that users encounter the most frequently. It often happens to people who play completely modified Minecraft. This is why the chances that modified modules may conflict with the game application increase. Before looking for ways to fix OpenGL error 1281, you should make sure that files and system problems are not triggering the problem or additional interruptions. Run ReimageMac Washing Machine X9 to do the work for you. Then you should make sure that you are logged in as an administrator on the computer and that you have an active internet connection. Now you can browse through the solutions below.

Remove all Shaders

These Minecraft add-ons allow players to configure textures and settings. Since they are mini-mods, they can modify some shader options using app resources, so they can conflict with other modified modules. You can try to disable them or copy and paste them in another location if you think you might want to use them again.

Update drivers to fix OpenGL error 1281

You can do it automatically with third-party applications if you don’t have the patience or time, but you can put yourself at risk of ending up with a rogue application or an unwanted program instead of an updated driver.

Manually updating drivers requires going to graphics card manufacturer websites and finding the latest correct device drivers. Download and install the latest driver on your computer. Pay attention to the details.

Disable Show GL errors

  • Opens Choices while in Minecraft.
  • Find Video Settings and then go to Others.Showing GL errors option
  • Click on Show GL errors and turn off the option by clicking on OFF.
  • Save the settings and reboot.

Update OptiFine to fix OpenGL error 1281

OptiFine is one of the third party applications that can trigger problems and error 1281. To update the program:

  • Go to Download Center Optifine.
  • Find the latest version and download it.Third-party application update
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and finish the installation.
  • Reboot the PC to secure the changes.

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