How to fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open PDF Files?

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Problem: How to fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open PDF Files?

Hello. Since I have installed Creators Update (V1703), Microsoft Edge has stopped opening PDF files. I have tried restarting the default applications, but this has not helped. When I click on the PDF file while browsing, I get an error that this site is not responding. I have tried opening the same file in Firefox and everything is fine. How can i fix this?

Resolved answer

The Microsoft Edge web browser has a native PDF viewer in Windows 10, but users encounter various problems when trying to open the internet link or a particular file. There are some particular errors that appear on the screen when the file does not open. There may be some issues where troubleshooter steps can help fix Microsoft Edge won’t open PDF files.

Older versions of Windows such as 7, 8 or 8.1 did not have a pre-installed PDF viewer by default. Since the release of Windows 10, people do not necessarily need to install third-party tools to view PDF files, as the functionality of viewing PDF has been integrated into Microsoft Edge. Therefore, after the installation of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge not only appears as the default browser, but also has a built-in PDF viewer.

Consequently, when people click on a PDF file, the system automatically launches MS Edge. Unfortunately, many people have reported problems with Edge when trying to open PDF files. Typically, this problem occurs after installing Windows 10 Creators Update or sometimes after regular updates.

illustrating Edge bug when opening PDF files

How to fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open PDF Files?

Edge may not open PDF files if they contain data for accessibility technologies, for example, screen readers like Narrator. However, there may be other causes, such as the Edge cache or a malware infection. So before you panic or install a third-party PDF viewer, run a check with Reimage or an anti-malware tool of your choice and restart Microsoft Edge.

Additionally, you should clear Edge’s browsing history. If none of these steps have helped you fix MS Edge not opening PDF files, check if the PDF file you are trying to open is corrupted. To do this, try opening an alternative browser. The last thing you can do if none of these methods have helped you is to try different PDF viewers until another solution is released.

How to Fix Microsoft Edge that Won't Open PDF Files?

Here is a video that may be helpful to you:

Reset MS Edge as Default PDF Viewer to Fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open PDF Files

  1. Press the keys Windows + I to open Setting.
  2. Opens Applications and select Default applications.Take care of Microsoft Edge that Won't Open PDF Files
  3. Click on the link Choose the default application for these types of files.
  4. Swipe until you find the entrance .PDF and click on Edge.
  5. Select any other PDF viewer from the list and set it to temporary default.
  6. Then restart Edge as the default viewer and close Settings.
  7. To make the changes, it is recommended to restart the PC.

Repair Microsoft Edge to fix your problems

  1. Press the keys Windows + I to open Setting.
  2. Choose Apps and then open the section Applications and Features.
  3. Locate and click on the entry of Microsoft Edge.Microsoft Edge that Won't Open PDF Files fix
  4. Locate the link of Advanced Options and open the page of Storage Use and Restart App.
  5. On this page, you should see the options for Fix Y Restart. Click on Fix (will not delete the data).
  6. To confirm the choice, click on the button Fix and close the Settings.
  7. Restart Microsoft Edge and see if the problem has been resolved.

Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge to Fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open PDF Files

  1. Open the browser and go to Settings and More.
  2. Find Setting to click on Privacy and Services and low Clear browsing data click on Select what to clean.
  3. Choose Cached images and files and click on Clean now.Issue of not opening files on Microsoft Edge browser

If none of these tips have helped you fix MS Edge won’t open PDF files, our last recommendation would be to use another PDF viewer temporarily until Microsoft releases a patch. If you don’t know how to set another tool as the default PDF viewer, please take a look at the tutorial on this page.

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